Jayant's experience with the Ather 450X

Here is my first review of 450X I have been using 450X since Dec 2020 and I noticed things that should be better.

  1. Side Stand - Need to have a return spring. If the stand is pushed up with a slight more force , it returns back and vice versa. A return spring will be helpful and not a big cost or weight
  2. Gasket under the seat - very thin and loose. Does not prevent water from going into the storage hold area. This need to be done in two ways - either a groove on the body where the gasket will fir snuggly or a thicker gasket itself that can prevent the water going inside.
  3. Side View Mirrors - They need to be positioned rightly. If there is a possibility of a better adjustable mirror that will be helpful. Currently they are very tight to move and donot move beyond a certain angle.
  4. Erratic switching on of the display - What I have noticed is during OTA update and even otherwise the display comes up erratically without any key action and then consumes battery.

Have you purchased from the mumbai branch ? And have you received a screenguard for the display. And how does the navigation app responding on your ather 450x

Yes I purchased from the Mumbai dealer. I have not see any screen guard. The navigation app works ok - no issues that I faced.