Is Portable charger Waterproof

I just want to know while using other charging facilities such as ElectricPe or and It starts raining so is our charger Waterproof or not ?

It is not waterproof

No 750 W chargers are waterproof they have active cooling fans. Water can go through it.

I believe, the electrical parts are covered with hot glues.

It should with stand splashes, but no way waterproof.

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Splash proof yes, but definitely not waterproof.

Sometime ago here on forums someone managed to get their charger wet. It started behaving weirdly for some time but after leaving for a few hours and drying up it was fine. So it’s definitely not water tight

Splashes proof anything else will not be covered under warranty.

Is there a way we can make it waterproof. Any box or cover which can make it waterproof while dealing with heating issue due to closed case. Or can we keep the charger in the boot and charge? Any input will be very helpful.

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Its not waterproof for sure i have seen a opened chargee at service center


In which direction do you expect water splash? You can make an acrylic box for charger and put an air vent with or with a cooling fan on the side you don’t expect water splashes. This way, all other sides are protected except for one side.

This is for Ather Dot charger, but you make similar one for portable charger as well.