Installing the Ather Dot

I have booked a 450X at Kozhikode, Kerala. Delivery expected in 20 days. However, after all the formalities they finally said that Dot charger will be handed over to me at the showroom itself. Installation we have to do on our own and not their responsibility. How is that so?

I have no knowledge on installation nor do I know of any electrician who has the expertise do this work. Please advice me on how to proceed.

I felt this approach by Ather team was really bad. They should ideally come home and install the charger and also give us a demo of the usage and a briefing for safe usage of the device.

Thank you.

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They generally install it with a charge. Maybe get in touch with CS so they can pass on the message?


Thank you. Will look into it. Do you have a central CS number to contact. No point calling Kozhikode centre again.

Edit: +91 7676-600-900 I think this is the number


Still, I have not received Dot. Charger

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I have a 450 and planning to buy 450x. 450 uses a dot for charging at home. I have ordered a portable charger for 450x and also have a portable charger for 450. Can these chargers be used interchangeably?

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Your 450 was delivered with Dot charger and you bought a portable charger, so it’s universally compatible with all the versions, You need to contact customer care to add authentication for the 450x, also you can request the 450x portable charger to have your 450’s authentication so you can charge with any charger and it won’t have the authentication error


Thanks for the information.

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Hey I am not able to access the video. Is there any permission you need to provide ?

  1. Ather installation charges 2150. The technician said everything is included, additional chages only for wiring/cabling above standard length. But the Showroom Manager said even the socket is chargeable extra above 2150. Please clarify.

  2. Does one actually need a socket, can’t we just connect it directly to the meter. What’s the best practice.

  3. If someone has got it done by a local electrician recently, what are the total charges including installation and parts.

  4. I feel 2150 is expensive. The scooter is already expensive. They could’ve put nominal charges. What do you guys think.

2150 would be a decent price. You can manage to bring it down slightly but not a lot of wiggle room because of cost of materials involved. I took a quote from 2 local guys and they quoted 5k and 3.5k respectively.

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Urbanclap does for 750. Assuming 6A socket with switch, wire and conduit costs 250, total price is 1000. The 5000 quote you got is super expensive.

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