Installing the Ather Dot

Thanks man. I got the similar answer from one of the owner as well as better be safe than sorry. Will prefer the Dot above portable. Thanks again. Even I need to make a box like that.

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I agree that the Ather technicians would do a better job. However there’s an option for Hanging and installing in Urban Company’s electrician option. Has anyone tried that?

Dear friends, In my ather dot charger that indicator light is not glowing. It doesnt worked from day one. But charger is working and my ather is getting charged every day. Only that indicator on ather dot is not working. Please tell me everyone has the same issue or am only facing this issue.

Check this:

Thank you bro. I will check. Can i do it myslef?

Basic level of DIY experience and tools with a basic electrical knowledge is all you need to do install the dot. Otherwise any local electrician can do it.

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I wast to set up a charging socket outdoors (technically at the edge of the car garage where it can get rain splashes). Have you all found a good outdoor one with rain protection?

You might get some ideas here: Acrylic case for the Ather Dot

Hi Guys.

I will be getting my 450x as soon as the lock down ends in Bangalore. Just had a doubt. I have opted for the Dot.

The place where I am planning to install the Dot is completely the other side of my main electrical board. So I thought about 2 options:

  1. I have a bulb holder right above my parking spot.
  2. I have a 15A Socket a few feet away inside a bathroom accesible by a window.

Which is better option and is a socket installation nessecary and if yes with the ather team do it? Is it covered in the cost that I have paid them already?

I live in an independent Villa owned by me!

Socket installation is not covered in the amount they charge around 1.5k and I think u should get from ur bathroom as it is always recommended to extract power from a 15amp plug and the wires used at 4sqmm thick, taking it from the bulb is not a problem but I am not sure and the wire is just 2.5sqmm thick

Yes they have charged 2.1K which I paid during final payment of the scooter. Is a switch required? or can it just be on all the time?

It’s built to be on all the time no issues at all also u could have saved 2k by taking help of any local electrician

I installed my Ather dot myself. It was easy and no issues till today, it’s been 4 months since I got my 450X

A small tutorial regarding the same would be very impressive!

Hey folks can anyone who has got their ather dot installed by ather let me know what gauge wire is used by ather while installing the dot. I guess 0.5 mm² will be enough since it can carry current upto 4A but wanted to know what was the gauge used by ather for safer instalation.

Use 1.5 wire for 6amp socket and 2 to 2.5 for 16 amp socket this is standard don’t go according to load go according to standards


Yes you are totally right. I never thought abt it this way. Thanks. But still out of curiosity what gauge wire does ather use?

I think if installation done by Ather they will install 3core cable , I didn’t get done by them they simply installed at a nearby socket


Ather technician uses 1.5 3 core wire for installing ather dot. I have got installation done through ather.

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It’s a very easy installation. A socket (plug point) is connected straight to your meter and the dot is installed close to your parking lot and connected to the socket.