Installing Charging under Apartment premise

I am residing in Apartment premise and current association is not allowing me to neither to install the Ather Dot nor to have a plug point near my parking slot. They point out that the there is no unified provision like cable tray installed because of which wires extended from our meter box would be visible outside and impact the apartment ambience. They insisted to have the wire extended from my apartment which is at 3rd floor and charge the bike whenever needed and remove the wire after charging. This will also be a problem for me as my parking slot is on the opposite end of my apartment. Hence have to either request the apartment owner above my parking slot to provide me the electricity supply or change my parking slot to the same side as my apartment. Not sure how to resolve this issue. People would have faced similar problem and would like to know from the community on how such problems can be resolved.

Hey Mani, you can try convincing the association by help of following threads :

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Check this out for possible solution with societies.

Using common third party app based charging solutions

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Please correct link to read the directives of Ministry of Power, Government of India.

In abive link replace “nic” with “gov”.