Independence Day Ride Kochi - 15 August 2022

Hello @Kochi !!

We are planning on a group ride on the Independence Day from I :heart: Kochi to Gandhi Statue

Tentative plan is to have breakfast together at 7:00AM and thereafter start the ride. Do join us!!!

Post your availability below or in our telegram group


Those who do not have telegram please drop a reply here and we can get in touch!


Hi @Kochi ,

Happy Independence Day

A ride by Kochi Owners to meet up on the 75th Independence Day.

Meeting point Valsa Cafe at 7am.

@acorreya reached at 6.35 AM first and was waiting for others to join.

I reached at 6.40AM, having started an hour ago from home. Both of us went in to have tea and breakfast.

While we were inside @d_das4 came next, then one by one people joined. After we all had something to eat, decided to start the ride officially.

Riders who joined : Sreesanth, Ajith MS, Hibath, Nadeem, Debashis Das, Adrine Correya, Sreekanth, Koshal Aggarwal , Swastik and me.

At Valsa Cafe :

Our next stop I Love Kochi which is very close by.

We parked on the side of the road, and taking photos. @nadeemlthf vlogged the ride for YouTube which will be added later.

We had a group photo with everyone.

Since the road wasn’t having proper service road, we moved on to the front of Marina One Experience Center which had a good area for our Athers to park well.

Some of the good pics we got :

A citizen riding a cycle was intrigued by the convoy and wanted a photo taken of the same.

Next plan, Onto Gandhi Statue

The convoy with 9 Athers (Nadeem as a pillion to videograph the ride) went via Marine drive to Gandhi statue.

When we reached flag was being hoisted by Cadets, we watched that for a while. Our plan was to just go around the Gandhi Statue few times with our Ather and Flag leader @iamhibath.

A selfie before everyone dispersed.

After all this, just rode around Marine Drive, having cool drinks to refresh and proceeded to go home our separate ways.

It was very nice to meet owners like this and have a group ride. Ather ride convoy is always an attention seeker for public as well.

Looking forward to more rides and more owners joining.

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Riders who joined : @acorreya @aajithms @iamhibath @Sreesanth @nadeemlthf @swasthik4244 @koshalagarwal786 @d_das4 @sreekanth2728

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We hit a good number today, guys! Usually rides initialed by owners would bring in only fewer numbers.

And it was fun as usual. Let’s make out next ride more engaging with some activities included!


Had a great time with all of you guys today. Looking forward to more meet-ups hopefully with more people.