Improved Efficiency

Anyone else also noticed the massive improvement in the average efficiency? I haven’t changed the way I drive at all. However, I have observed since last 7 days or more that my average efficiency has been around 25-28 Wh/km. Look at the new predicted range in the pic below. Its insane. And I confirm its not a bug. I can feel the change in efficiency. Its exciting. I will charge it full today & see whats the range predicted.


Wow!! Please let us know how much of difference you are getting after testing it for a week!!

Did you get any OTA recently?

Just the last update which was 10.1.3 Let me see … hmm… I have cleaned the discs and the wheels. :smiley: not other changes.

Many times, I have seen right tyre pressure helped me to get 10% better efficiency on same roads and same ride behaviour…

But, the 19 Wh/km was too good. I am not sure if it was a down-hill… Because, with coasting on flat road gets usually around 23 Wh / km

You’re absolutely right, it’s no bug , I’m seeing massive improvement in the effeciency too especially in sport mode. Tyre pressure plays a vital role and I almost always ride with a pillion and I am getting 78-85 on predicted range in Sport mode which is mad.

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Wow!! Just keep updating us with the range figures,how much are u getting in other modes? 78km on sports mode with pillion?

Hi Pratheek, no with pillion it falls to around 69-70 in sport mode.

I too feel its true that range has improved.

I would say why not try doing a small trip and see if you are getting atleast 90km with 27kw/h efficiency,if yes let’s spread the word

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I will be riding to the city on Friday, ~65 kms via the expressway. Will share the stats. For this week, here are my stats so far. I also noticed the dashboard fan is not so annoying anymore, it doesn’t kick on all the time. Most of my rides are with a pillion.

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You can ignore the 1.4 km trip. Check out the other ones i.e 14kms and. 29kms trips. My battery had drained put after 101 kms in sports mode.

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Pls keep sharing more figures in the near future too,may be a longer trip like 70-80km would give real life range

Are these rides with pillion or solo? I rarely get sub 30 efficiency with a pillion…

Solo rides. With Pillion there is a difference of 3-4kms tops.

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In sports mode i get 70to 85bkm range see the screenshot Unable to add image but since last month my daily ride was around 35 to 40 km and when i charge 100 percent i will backup me for 2 days with sports mode and speed around 50kmph on city

Screenshot missing! Please edit post and add attachment.

Are you sure it’s 10.1.3? Are you on a tester build or something?

So the performance doesn’t change? Or have I misunderstood something? I’m a little confused about the outcome of your moped tests.

We haven’t changed anything related to the efficiency, so looks like you’ve mastered riding the 450X! Time to share tips on riding?

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