Improved Efficiency

Hey Abhishek. If not attend the owners meet because we are not the current owners but can we please get to know what the discussion is about? There might be future owners too who would like to know. Thanks!

Am excited to share my recent ride details. I went to Bombay (Ather service centre) from Virar, which is ~61 kms. The weather was terrible. It was raining all the time and was windy. So you can imagine the headwind I faced. :grinning:… I left home with 100% charge & dashboard showing estimated range of 70kms in ride mode. It was mostly highway route & to my pleasant surprise, I got close to 90kms range estimate. Trust me, I didn’t ride like a grandma. I was mostly in the bike lane and was easily overtaking all the rickshaws, slow trucks & most of the ICE scooters. When I was 10 kms closer to the destination, I kicked off the warp mode & showed off like a pro…! :sunglasses::sunglasses:… Overall, I am trullly satisfied. Lots of love @tarun. Please, improve the software consistency & kindly enable smart charging soon.

And annoying maps kept resetting randomly. I think I counted 6 times in 120kms long journey.