How long will my EV battery last?

We’re all worried about the longevity of our EV battery and when is the right time to replace it.

Here’s Tarun to help address your concern:


Great, Now I can charge my Battery without “optimised battery” feature. If I am going to get 9 years of battery life i am good.

I think most EV enthusiast know that a well designed battery outlast the vehicle itself but it is definitely reassuring when CEO of the company addresses the doubts of normal users.


I agree. Now just some more info on motor warranty


Yesterday i have been to nagpur service center a gen 2 model battery was replaced in warranty after around 40000 kms

Ohh I wish we would have got costing regen seeing this video looks promising but they said the couldn’t certify it Anyhow glad to know my battery will last :ok_hand:

But gen 2 has unlimited warranty for 3 years right?

There is a lot of difference in 3 years warranty and 10 years life

One more Question @smridhi.kalati @tarun Will customer get any discount on new battery when trading in old battery? As old battery pack will be recycled im assuming so it will hold some value.


I guess after everything it’s priced at 90,000

Idk about duration but it got replaced by service centre

they have already started to provide discounts on old trade-in parts in the name of goodwill discounts.


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Good if these things were written somewhere. Once the battery gets out of warranty than a customer has to pay ₹90k at that time this video will not give any discounts or free replacements.

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Yes, there should be some kind of discount when purchasing the new battery like the lead acid batteries. Gov regulation pushed the industry to change and they should do it for lithium batteries as well, as lithium batteries are 98% recyclable.

The old battery itself hold good amount of value considering the battery aluminium casing n all

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