Helmet Size not being provided by Ather / BU Bhandari Pune

Just bought the Ather 450x Series 1 last week from BU Bhandari in Pune.

When I went for Delivery they were giving me the Free Helmet. Unfortunately the size was L and was too loose for my head.

So I asked them to provide a Size M to me. They said Ather just has standard size Helmets and Size Options are not available.

Hence I refused to accept the Helmet till the correct size is made available to me.

I wrote to Ather and they asked me to contact the Dealer. It looks like No One wants to take ownership of the issue and just want to play Ping Pong and Push the issue on the other person.

Either both Ather and the dealership are NOT AWARE of the importance of Sizes and proper fitting in Helmets, OR then Ather probably doesn’t care about the actual safety of its riders and wants to pass off the helmets just for marketing purpose or to fulfil the obligatory government requirements for 2 wheeler sales.

It seems other buyers in Pune were also forced to take the wrong size Helmets.

Would appreciate if someone can provide some light on this. Did you guys get a size option or was it “Standard Size” as mentioned to me.


Is ather providing helmet at the time of delivery at all location? @abhishek.balaji please confirm…

Not all locations, only selected locations. In chennai they are providing it.

I suppose there is a per-state rule of sorts of the dealer should provide helmet or not.

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Me too had no intimation about size and full face or half face. Dealers says it’s CC work to confirm the details while confirming delivery date.

Will check and get back on this, have raised this to the team for a response.

Hi Abhishek

About a week on this.

Any update??

After all it’s just a Helmet

I am from Chennai, here helmet is provided. Over the phone when I asked for helmet color, they said it will match the color of my vehicle. My vehicle color space gray. But they provided me white color, it looks like wrong info on the phone, because they do only white colour it seems.

While delivery they asked for full face or half face option. I went for full face. L size provided was very tight for me. Then they checked stock and provided XL for me immediately. It’s fitting well.

One of the BEST helmet I ever used. Very easy to put the strap and very comfortable. :clap::clap::+1: