Green Initiatives

Wow! Wish I had spent more time speaking to her…I too have similar things going on- copper bottle, bamboo straw, upcycled furniture, sustainable soaps and detergents, yulu cycling for almost a year (prior to Ather) and the list goes on!! Also my folks think am mad too, we would have definitely connected! :smile:

Sure could do with surrounding myself with a few more green enthusiasts, help keep the energy high :slight_smile:


Happy to hear and read your list.

Following are my lists : Green house (hardly there are no second derivatives thus less carbon foot print, Natural ventilation+lighting, no plastering, hand made tiles, red oxide flooring), Solar Electricity, Composting (all wet wastes go here), Recycling, No or Hardly any plastic bags, Water Well (No bore well), Rain Harvesting, Roof top veggie garden (terrace gardening), Home made (PH7) soap detergent, Reused door frames etc… etc. I do not throw any things unless it is really really not usable. Can you imagine, I have 23 year old shirt which I still wear today too. Feel guilty to do anything against mother earth.


@rajeshkav My respect towards you increased multifold and my guilt increased multifold too. You people inspire us :slight_smile:


we will plan a trip to Rajesh home to get some practices replicated


@rajeshkav let us know which weekend you will be available to get troubled :grin:


This is amazing! Much respect to you sir- especially for solar, gardening and composting. And the attention to detail when it comes to green decisions, we need more of that!

Alright Let me add to my list then:-

Bamboo toothbrush (compostable bristles), Powdered natural paste (to avoid plastic tube and polluting water with paste), herbal shampoo and non chemical hand wash (containers can be returned to store and refilled), chemical free bathroom and floor cleaners, chemical free powder dishwash, hangers made of cardboard, cot and table made from wood that is used for shipping, all organic water saving jeans, 1 out 3 organic clothing, gym clothing made from recycled plastic and cotton, biodegradable pens with seeds in them, shoes made from merino wool (that is sourced from sheeps that are treated well!!), reusable bags. Also am letting a beehive grow in front of my entrance at the risk of getting stung, cause they are way too important now!

P.S: I made this list because i want everyone to know how far we all can go if we set our minds to it. everything i have listed is at little to no inconvenience, except about the bees of course! :sweat_smile:


@Abhishek Agreed, we should do a trip. Would love to see @rajeshkav 's work and be inspired :slight_smile:

Waav…This is great… Lets have a weekend chai to discuss all these… I am in.


All are welcome and indeed I am interested to host you.

However from past one month, I am bit tied up on weekends. For sure I will invite you once these are addressed. Hope your patience will not run out till then.


Loop me in if visit is planned/finalized

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I saw a article in Chennai Times today… These guys were there in Ather Experience Centre Chennai on opening day… Really great people… :clap: :clap: :clap:

They travelled all over India in Solar powered Auto

I saw a video about them from Ather guy he was from charging Infrastructure team… I am so so sorry I forgot your name… he is the one who had invited them…

@sudhanva.atri @garima.pugalia

6 Likes Anirudh invited them. I met them here in Bangalore.


do u have any contact to get it touch with them!

Thanks @garima.pugalia oh is it great… :+1:

You could get in touch with Sushil from Sun Pedal Ride. His Instagram handle is @sushilr25


10q for info


Reading posts in this group here. Nice to hear from all of you and i have developed interest in this area for a couple of years now. Just love your initiatives - from my part i live in a home made out of soil cement blocks with good light + Ventilation. Not using Air-conditioners at home, tiles i have used are the cheapest stone. Have a small veggie garden + home made compost maintained by dad. I am thinking of having a discussion with 3M now to use ground water for every single purpose at home by using some filters. Aiming to become self-sustainable in the next few years for water & power.


One of my colleague is into this as well and he is also an Ather 450 owner but he is not on the forum, he has a farm house in Chandapura and the house is made on the earth architecture principles, he also has a food forest in his farm, moreover he is also giving electricity back to the grid through reverse metering.


This is great… You need to ask him to join the forum… It will be superb talking to him…:slightly_smiling_face: