Free accessory by Ather: Body Guard.

Initial Calls: I received a call from Ather Bangalore stating that I’ll be receiving an accessory by Ather to be used for free. I was excited and confirmed if it’s Ather or any dealer trying to lure customers there. the person on the call assured it’s Ather officially. I waited for further details but didn’t receive any call or email or anything further. went for my regular 20k servicing and found out they didn’t receive anything about that from Ather.

After a few weeks again I received a call, and was told to go to Wakad service centre for accessory setup and was asked for a date for visit n setup. I again received a call from Smridhi, she assured that it’s a valid accessory to be given complimentary by Ather. I asked if SC is informed of this (as I know the miscommunications about Ather already), and I was assured that all are well informed.

Setup day: Confusion: I reached Wakad during lunch and waited for everyone to get done with their lunch, and when I told the folks there that I’m there to setup a free accessory, provided by Ather, they gave the most weird reaction and as expected, they weren’t aware about the giveaway. I spoke to the person who was incharge of job card, and he said there’s no information received by them. I call up Smridhi, and get to know it’s provided to the ASM, and ASM was not answering anyone’s calls at that moment. after a lot of to and fro calls, they received a list of folks to be provided the accessories and mine was the body guard.

Setup: I was told it’ll take 4 hours to setup, i said I got the bike washed on the way, only the sticking work is required.

They allocated a person and they started the work in no time and got it applied on my bike in 20-25 mins.

Setup images:

Post reaching home pics:

Feedback and review: What’s good: This bodyguard is a boon to all those fellows who are clumsy, and also to those who usually park in public parking areas often. Make sure you set it up on your bikes before you gather scratches on the spots. I faced the issue with application on it as my bike had already gotten scratches.

I observed that the silicon fits right on spots where I got frequently scratched.

Cons: It doesn’t cover all the places which the bike can be prone to scratches. it is made to keep the asthetics of the bike intact, but looses on basic thing it’s intended to do: protect bike from scratches. while it can save from minor scratches in and around the applied areas, it will definitely not save from falls. speaking this because I did face an accident in the second month of purchase and the bike fell on the right, and the area the fall affected was huge and this covers half of it.

see, here you will see scratches at a place which is not covered by the body guard, which would have helped in case of a steel guard (I’m not a fan of steel guard on Ather, but just mentioning the options available in the market for comparison)

1 month usage: gives me confidence in riding through narrow spots, parking areas. did a pressure wash and it didn’t affect the silicon or the glue.

things to keep in mind before going for application of the body guard:

  1. take your bike washed before hand as you never know if the SC will do it for you.
  2. make sure the hands of the guy who is applying and the helper is clean! man, the helper’s hand during my bike’s application was dirty and I could see fingerprints all over the bike’s body. ask him to clean his hands if you observe they are dirty.
  3. make sure they use a clean cloth to wipe the area before application. they usually use a cloth available around which is used by others for grease and dusting. it’ll add more fine dust on the body instead of cleaning.
  4. if possible carry a squeegee (used in PPF application) along, or ask the SC folks to use one. it’ll be way more efficient in application rather than normal fingers.
  5. make sure you also check for bubbles and gaps.
  6. I observed that the applier was applying it in a way he feels is good. you should refer the photos on the forum and show him where to apply it appropriately.
  7. last but most important: make sure they place the bike on a platform which will keep the bike upright straight, because then the side which is bent, has difficulty in application.

lastly, grateful to Ather for giving me this goodie/free accessory to use for lifetime :grimacing:


Great review! I noticed you have a Gen 2 scooter but with the official seat cover – so were you lucky enough to receive the free seat upgrade from Gen 3.1 launch? Or did you install the cover on the old seat itself?

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Good review! Please keep us posted if you see yellowish tint or the stickers starts peeling off. I’m also planning to get it done in coming servicing.

Thank u it’s really good review for more details tooo and how to avoid those :paw_prints: and bubble.

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Can it handle a good pressure washing???

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thanks! about the sear cover, I installed it at my own expense. found that there was an official seat cover available at the SC, so went for it straight away! installed it on the old seat.

thanks! yes, even I’m wanting to observe the yellow tint, though my bike is never parked in the sun, and the only time it’ll be exposed to the sun is during my commute, that means the process of tint will take a lot of time; will keep posted.

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yes, as you can see in the last pics, it’s post pressure wash at the center itself.

So this is what i get after spending 1699₹ to protect scratches in scratch prone areas?


I think you took the name ‘bodyguard’ too seriously :sweat_smile: This is just like a bikini but for Athers. Only protects the essentials.


Yup it is purely my mistake. :smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear::expressionless:

Was really considering this until I saw your photos!!! :joy::joy:


:joy: but its transparent

I don’t know what you were expecting, even a PPF would not have stopped these scratches. They are too deep for any PPF/ Bodyguard to protect or prevent them.

I don’t have the bodyguard installed, but based on the placement, I would assume these are meant to avoid damages from falls - at. Standstill or very low speeds.

I have ppf on my scooter and they could only prevent the parking lot scratches. Anytime i fell, it ended up in deep scratches penetrating the PPF layer.


We need metal ones now…

It’s already available in local market.

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Bro how this happened did Ather fell or someone crashed it on your part

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It fell around a speed of 30


Ok so did you repaired it or still with same part and what is the cost of replacing the part of paint I have some contacts of paint but have to check it.

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Yes i replaced the whole parts, total cost 10,650₹ incl right side floating panel, Right side faring, Right floor side, Brake lever, Right mirror set all these got Replaced.

Full amount claimed under insurance (TATA AIG) Thanks to aanamalais Ather here in Coimbatore, they completed this within 3days.