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Clicking on takes you to categories instead of latest. Why are you guys screwing it up? :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:


Same… I was confused with the layout yesterday… Changed it back to “Latest” which was default earlier.

Morning again opened to see Categories again.

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The new interface has categories and latest topics side by side in the PC browser. This means people have both the views together and chances of people missing out on new conversations are less. This is the reason why Ather team have made this as the default view.

However on the mobile browser, only categories are visible. I can understand that some people may not be comfortable with the category view. In that case, Go to your account and change the following setting to whichever home page you are comfortable with.


Luckily I had converted the old page as a app on android and it loads up in the old way. Never deleting that

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That helps. Mobile devices best suited to “Latest”.

After a while you can check which interface people use most and shall change the default accordingly…

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We tried that layout to improve site navigation for desktop. But clearly it doesn’t work for mobile devices.

We’ll try to get different layouts for both devices soon.

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This looks bad too. Ather froum icon is small. And my account and website is huge.

I don’t think we need my account and website shortcut. We hardly use my account. And website isn’t required.

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This was not in the latest change. it was in the update before that.
I agree that the smaller “Forum” text is not good. I have many times tapped the “My account” instead of “Forum”. It’s not a nice experience when that happens

However, in a Desktop/Laptop, this problem isn’t there as the “My account” and other are on the right side. Ather team will fix it in the next days.

It’s like Namma Metro, it’ll be nice once all the construction is over :slight_smile:


But but but, I’m still not convinced as to why we need My account and Ather Website shortcut. If we weren’t aware of those, we wouldn’t be here.

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