Find my Scooter option needs to be improved

I am a 3-month-old proud customer of Ather 450x. I have taken the connect pro subscription.

Today for the first time, I got the chance to use the find my scooter option ( you will soon know why ) in the Ather app. you might be thinking how come this guy didn’t get a chance to use the Find my Scooter option.

That’s because I stay in MYSORE. :wink: VERY LESS traffic and thanks to covid it was still less for the last couple of weeks. But last weekend ( After the weekend lockdown was relaxed.) This is how the main streets looked like.

I parked my vehicle multiple times on the busiest road in Mysore the Devraj urs road… so once I was done with multiple stops and multiple pickup and parks, I got confused about where my flight was parked.

Opened the app and saw if mama ( Traffic Police ) has picked it up or what. No. It is parked on the same road. But where… the vehicle symbol is shown in the app. That’s it… nothing else… can zoom in or zoom out… it doesn’t show where you are no indication. It would have been better if you show the owner position.

What do you say?


Find my scooter stopped working … it always shows a fixed location - my home. Ather support didn’t help.


Most of the time It is showing wrong location. Better to add navigate to Vehicle option through Google map or inbuilt map.


Guys, I saw the same feature on Okinowa ad. They have the option of detecting via app. the user clicks a button on his okinowa connect app on his mobile. the vehicle’s headlight turn on. @abhishek.balaji can we implement the same, maybe also enabled hazardous lights on ( blink both the turn indicators ) and also may be sound of turn indicators or any new sound.

Please add this as an enhancement in the find my scooter app.


It’s a nice to have feature but I’d say it may not really be very useful in the long run. I say this because most of the times, we would want to find our vehicle in the parking lot of a mall. these typically are in basements. now the network of Athers in basements are next to nil. rides don’t sync and you can’t send location to the scooter. so this feature will not be useful.

However, It’s not a difficult thing to introduce and if Ather does it, it’s nice.


There’s some exploration going on for a similar feature - Welcome lights, where the scooter detects your phone being nearby through Bluetooth and flashes the lights to help you find your scooter when parked.


So, are we close to keyless entry also??


there must be an option of direction to the scooter from your current location. and also have the option of blinkers and sound to find out when you are near enough to hear the sound of your vehicle. Maybe these options are held by the company to provide them later in the name of upgradation. but that should be provided as soon as possible

there should be an option in the ather app for emergency switch off the vehicle if someone illegally have the key of your vehicle. and there should be a two way audio communication option with rider through ather app


Not sure if the rider wants to communicate with you it he/she has stolen the vehicle or has taken it without informing you ( like a family member you don’t want to ride your Ather) :joy:


A few of us had been to Alibaug over the weekend. After returning from the trip, the ‘locate my scooter’ option still shows my flight is in Alibaug. Tried restarting, complete shutdown etc, but the scooter won’t be shown in Mumbai again! Due to this, the ‘Find a charger’ option has also gone for a toss.

The ride stats however show the correct locations. Have raised a ticket already and awaiting resolution.

I am considering dropping an airtag in the boot for this :slight_smile:

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Meow! That seems like a very hurtful thought… imagine your family member riding the scooter and a bunch of curious kids poking on the phone randomly and…

Murphy’s law: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”

Kill the thought of remote kill…

I’ve seen this in ePluto, which has remote keyless, but then imagine you have the key in your pocket near the phone. You try to feel the phone because you just miss it and again, Murphy’s law…

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Charge 3000 and integrate AirTag :slight_smile:

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You may also talk to ur children when they are comming home. Case of theft is very rare to be happened therefore there ahould be an option of speaker. Also

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Is it possible to get directions to my scooter when I click on my scooter location option. Incase of emergencies this would be helpful.

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Please add the feature to navigate to the scooter, a doted line on the map, guding the owner to the scooter.

Especially in the parking zones. We park the scooter but forget where it has been parked


The locate my scooter option should navigate the owner to scooter.

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I think this was suggested earlier too if you scroll up this thread itself, but the consensus was that this would usually be needed in mall parking lots, etc. where network signal anyway is very patchy, making the feature unusable. Additionally, I guess the GPS is not SO accurate that it can differentiate the location your phone vis-à-vis your vehicle within a few metres and navigate correctly, but I might be wrong on this count.


An add-on to sound horn or light could be added to the Find my Scooter feature while we are nearby. Today I had forgotten where I parked my scooter in general parking and went to a wrong Ather scooter. The Ather scooter count is increasing and it all looks same (I didn’t remember my scooters no.). @abhishek.balaji