Find my Scooter option needs to be improved

I am a 3-month-old proud customer of Ather 450x. I have taken the connect pro subscription.

Today for the first time, I got the chance to use the find my scooter option ( you will soon know why ) in the Ather app. you might be thinking how come this guy didn’t get a chance to use the Find my Scooter option.

That’s because I stay in MYSORE. :wink: VERY LESS traffic and thanks to covid it was still less for the last couple of weeks. But last weekend ( After the weekend lockdown was relaxed.) This is how the main streets looked like.

I parked my vehicle multiple times on the busiest road in Mysore the Devraj urs road… so once I was done with multiple stops and multiple pickup and parks, I got confused about where my flight was parked.

Opened the app and saw if mama ( Traffic Police ) has picked it up or what. No. It is parked on the same road. But where… the vehicle symbol is shown in the app. That’s it… nothing else… can zoom in or zoom out… it doesn’t show where you are no indication. It would have been better if you show the owner position.

What do you say?


Find my scooter stopped working … it always shows a fixed location - my home. Ather support didn’t help.

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Most of the time It is showing wrong location. Better to add navigate to Vehicle option through Google map or inbuilt map.