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Fame 2 subsidy any changes in pricing ?

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In Fames 2, subsidy is raised to 29K. Since there is a delay in delivery’s, it should reflect in final price.


There is no clarity on what is the subsidy? Ather has not changed or updated its prices based on FAME 2.


Hi all,
To be honest, we haven’t ourselves gotten clarity on FAME 2 yet. I dont think the timelines of implementation or the exact details are frozen yet :frowning: . Hence, it wouldn’t be prudent to talk about the change in pricing based on that. We’ll update this thread as soon as we get clarity ourselves.



Hoping to see Ather in this list soon:


any update on the subsidy yet ?

Fame 1 subsidies extended for a period of 6 months upto March 2019 as of now.

as per this link, Ather 450 got 22k incentives. Is this amount deducted in the ather 450 price?

@hkchakladar The price is deducted. Check out the price breakup: https://www.atherenergy.com/#pricing-section

Ather 450 is in the list now.

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Why is Ather 340 not in the list?
It the website, ather has mentioned that 22000rs subsidy will be for ather 450 and 340.

Mostly due to the fact that it’s not yet in production.

Can the Ather team please provide an update with regard to FAME II?
Based on this ET news article, the Phase 2 scheme will be effective from April 1, 2019 and provides for a subsidy upto Rs. 40000 for electric 2 wheelers. This is almost double the subsidy that is available today and can bring down the overall cost significantly.

I have received the invitation from Ather to make payment and take delivery of the vehicle. However, I don’t want to be in a position, where after making the purchase, I find that the price has dropped by a further 20k in April.

Please share more details.


Well, the article says ₹10,000 for every kWh.
Ather 450 has 2.4kwh.
So subsidy should be around ₹24,000.
Currently we are getting ₹22,000

In article they mentioned subsidy on battery capacity and that is 10k for 1KWh. so on that calculation ather 450 have 2.4kWh battery so you may get 24k subsidy and presently getting 22k diff only 2k… important thing is still govt thinking not implemented… then take call…

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Well he replied before me :grinning:

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Thanks gt_ravi and ayanahmedhussain for responding.

If it is only 2k difference, I don’t mind going ahead with the purchase.

Can someone from the Ather team confirm this?

FAME II subsidy has been approved by India Government and effective from April 2019.
Here you know about all changes.