Export riding data to csv

Can we have an option to export our Ride Statistics in CSV or JSON format here?

It becomes a long list and we get stuck in infinite scroll ing for accessing our data.

It would be helpful if we want make custom visuals and extract meaningful info about our riding styles. It’s our data, Please let us have easy access on it :pray:


:stuck_out_tongue: I’m glad I could finally make this a feature request. This was easy fairly early in my ownership journey since there were not much ride stats, but yeah I had done some data entry work from the app.


I know you guys have been so busy these days unlike me, So I used some of my free time and used a script which uses Tesseract OCR to extract data from my ride statistics screenshot and I used that to make these visuals.

Not trying to present you guys a competition :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but yeah here is a glimpse of what we can do using the ride stats!

Presenting my lame edition of Ather Ride Stats for December Month!

I wish I could have made use of ride mode data too but it’s not possible to extract that using OCR :pensive:

I’ve not seen the Ather’s version of ride stats yet. If someone is okay with it then please ping me a sample of that. It’ll be helpful.

Enough work for V1 Ride Stats :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Bro I was just trying so hard to understand the new updates in the app except that of 450X part & I found no luck.

Then this post struck to me and cannot control my self to reply.

@tarun @abhishek.balaji @Ather.team I know everyone there are super excited about expansion I also appreciate it but I also wanted you guys at @Ather to get equally excited about some basic stuff.

@cyberboysumanjay Let us not ask these advance options for couple of days ( because this is better than soon) because. Now I feel if they give a clean app experience with basic ABCD correct that it self shall be a good news for us. leave about future requests and additional thoughts.

Actually any company pays for application testing guys. But Ather like many things they do this also differently they get paid (connect pro) from us to test their application.

Now I can see the February 2021 !!! bluetooth feature very clearly.