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Thank you!

A person driving on the wrong side of the road rammed into my 450 at right angles when I was leaving the parking lot of my apartment and getting onto the main road.

Claimed insurance to get it fixed as multiple parts had to be replaced, although no damage done to the chassis.

Really sad that I had to miss the first 450 owners meet.


I have a general question, especially with the rains coming up:

What are the precautions we can take should roads/basement parking get flooded? I’ve started making it a habit to close the charging flap before heading anywhere afraid that the rain would go into the charging ports. I’m also finding that the lining between the seat and the storage is not completely water tight, and found a few drops of water when I opened it after rains.

Anything else? Has the vehicle been partially/fully submerged? Anything that should absolutely not get wet?

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Thank You. I hope you are safe and fixed your 450. Do not worry. We will meet in next meet up.

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Hey guys, the point is showing red for almost a day. Any quick way to reset it?

Also, any plans to add charts and dashboards to show ride stats? I’ve been maintaining one for my 450 on Google sheets, but would love to see these generated on the app.


I also found some water in the underseat compartment. Hope it’s not a hazard. I will definitely not keep documents there. I had kept the 3 pin charger there for which I am concerned.

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My 450 wont charge from the pod anymore after I came back from work yesterday evening. Apprised the Ather support team about it and they came this morning to isolate the issue to the pod or the 450 using a portable charging cable.

The issue was isolated to the pod. Turned out that one of the pins of the connector had burnt out for some reason.

Pod was replaced with a new one now and all systems green again!

PS: while they had put my 450 in the diagnostic mode, I noticed that the current version of the operating system goes by the name “Shaktiman”




Hai jet 450 floating on kumta . Near Gokarna.


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Ownership review of Ather 450 thru pluginindia (YouTube channel)

@ayanahmedhussain and @ashishsacharya are users to represent their Ather 450. Details covered in the video was very useful to people who still on mindset to choose Ather apart from our forum.

Pluginindia is only YouTube channel in India to cover electric vehicle segment in English.

Don’t miss to watch the video.

Link : https://youtu.be/8I-qIM9g0RY



Is anyone clear on what is the sweet spot where the mode can be changed when we are riding the vehicle? Just a bit curious on how it allows user to switch between the modes during the ride.

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This is some good analysis to measure the performance. I believe Ather does have this kind of analysis pre built as we could see after the test ride on the stats. Although would try something similar to measure the performance. Thanks for this. :slight_smile:

welcome to kumta

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When you don’t accelerator you can switch mode while on a ride…the moment throttle is turned, mode change is disabled…


When the throttle is at 0 degrees, you can switch modes. This is indicated by the appearance of a box on the mode indicator on screen.