Everything we announced at Ather Community Day 2024

Introducing the new Ather Rizta:

Here’s everything you need to know about the new Ather Rizta:

Here’s what everyone’s been waiting for - the Ather Rizta!

The Ather Rizta comes with not only the biggest seat but also:

  • an IDC range of up to 160 km
  • a top speed of 80 kph
  • and a battery warranty of 5 years!

Read more to know about the Ather Rizta:


The Ather Rizta comes with space for everyone while you carry everything! Thanks to its XXXXXL seat (the largest EVER on a scooter), paired with a spacious floorboard and a cushioned grab handle, there’s no compromise on comfort.


With a huge upgrade in storage space, carrying your big little things has never been easier. The Ather Rizta comes with a storage space of 56L, 34L in the trunk, and an extra 22L with our accessory - the frunk!


Magic Twist™ makes it to the Ather Rizta too - a range-friendly alternative to 75% of braking scenarios. So while you twist down to accelerate, you just need to twist up and your Ather will start slowing down.

AutoHold™ and Reverse Mode are present on Rizta as well. So there’s no more holding brakes on slopes and no struggling to get out of parking spots either!

Riding Modes:

The Ather Rizta comes with 2 riding modes:

  • Smart Eco Mode: for when you want to conserve range.
  • Zip Mode: for a more dynamic ride.


Skid Control: Meet SkidControl™. Whether it’s rainy or sandy, SkidControl™ensures you ride safely and steadily. This safety feature makes sure both the front and rear wheels are rotating at the same speed and helps you avoid any skidding or slipping.

Emergency Stop Signal (ESS):

​​Riders and drivers around you don’t expect a ‘scooter’ to come to a stop that rapidly, putting the Ather rider at risk for collisions in case of a panic braking situation. With ESS, the scooter detects panic braking scenarios and blinks rear lights to alert drivers behind about a situation.

FallSafe™: Falling can be hard, but getting back up shouldn’t be. With FallSafe, your Ather will now alert vehicles around in case your Ather has had a fall, and cut off power to the motor. This will help you lift the scooter by the handlebar, without worrying about unexpected acceleration.

Multi-Purpose Charger:

Now you can charge your phone, tablet, laptop or any other device with the Multi-Purpose charger. The charger connects to the power hub in the trunk and has 18w of power output.

The Ather Rizta is available in 3 variants:

  • Rizta S (2.9 kWh battery)
  • Rizta Z (2.9 kWh battery)
  • Rizta Z (3.7 kWh battery)

Head to our website to know about the variants and prices in your city!


Introducing the Halo and HaloBit:

At Ather, we want to build helmets that improve your riding experience and make your ride more enjoyable. And the Halo is finally here, Ather’s first Smart Helmet!

The Halo is built inside with a soft yet snug interior padded surface for utmost comfort and an ergonomic shell around it. This was built with a lot of safety in mind and is ISI and DOT-rated.

Here’s what you’ll love about the Halo:

  • Sound by Harman Kardon.

  • Auto WearDetect:

With Auto WearDetect, the minute you put your Halo on, it detects your face, turns itself on and automatically pairs with your phone.

  • Hassle-free wireless charging:

The Halo comes with wireless charging in-built. All you have to do is carry your wireless charger with you and just plug it onto your Halo and you’re good to go!

  • Ather ChitChat:

Ather ChitChat is a helmet-to-helmet communication system that helps conversations get easier.

The HaloBit comes with the same Smart Helmet experience but in an open-face and lightweight format. You get the same quality and refinement as the Halo but in a simpler and more affordable format.

To know more about the Halo and HaloBit, visit


AtherStack 6:

AtherStack is the layer of intelligence that powers everything on your Ather. All the features that are a part of your Ather like the dashboard UI, vector maps, ESS & FallSafe, etc, are a part of AtherStack.

Coasting Regen:
AtherStack 6 comes with a lot of improvements and one of them is Coasting Regen. This feature will be backward compatible up to Gen 3 and will be available in the next few months.

Ather App:

And something we were excited about is this new mobile app. The new mobile app is bolder, more vibrant, and more contextual. The AtherApp also gives you all the information you need at the right time, without any hassle.

With live notifications on your lock screen, you can now check the charge of your Ather without opening the mobile app.

Ride Stories on the Ather App:

Ride Statistics is now Ride Stories. These are divided into 3:

  • Ride highlights
  • Badges
  • Sharable Stories - share your ride stories directly on Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

WhatsApp on Dash:

WhatsApp on Dash alerts you when you’ve received a message and lets you preview it without taking out your phone. This feature can be used ONLY when you’ve halted.

This feature will be available soon to Gen 2 Ather’s and after. This will not be available in the 450S.

Call decline with messages:

You can now decline calls with messages. As you decline a call, you can send a message or set up a custom message and send it.

This feature will be available soon to Gen 2 Ather’s and after. This will not be available in the 450S.

Live location sharing:

You can now share your live location to an emergency contact, from your Ather’s dashboard directly.

This feature will be available soon to Gen 2 Ather’s and after. This will not be available in the 450S.

Ping my scooter:

If you’re in a parking lot and you don’t remember where your Ather is parked, simply press on the ‘Ping my scooter’ icon on the Ather App, and the lights will start flashing. This feature will help find your Ather very easily in just a couple of taps.

This feature will be available soon to Gen 2 Ather’s and after. This will not be available in the 450S.

Alexa integration:

With a lot of Alexa devices well integrated into our daily lives, we’ve built and are launching Alexa integration for your Ather. We’ll be launching over 40 prompts so that you can check on your scooter’s charging status, parked location, push navigation, and more.


Thanks for enabling ping on my scooter! I’ve already made a feature request for this and you’ve fulfilled it. I appreciate it a lot @Ather team! :raised_hands: Now, I’m eagerly awaiting AtherStack 6 please provide the latest updates soon so we can enjoy our rides even more. :motor_scooter:


128kph hehe

Hope that means the drum brakes aren’t as terrible as every other scooter in the market…

ECE rating too please! It would kill most of the negative feedback of the helmet instantly.

Could you confirm if this is at the same strength as that of Gen4 scooters?

Widgets are a much better way of showing battery and other information, instead of an always-on notification.

Just take a look at how Tesla does it:

Perhaps it would even allow for shortcuts like “Ping my Ather” or Trip Planner to be activated right from the home screen. Notifications distract users, widgets are more “comfortable” giving powers and freedom to user to place them.

Finally, thanks for making many features backwards compatible up to Gen 2! I thought the platform would be dead but thanks for keeping it going :muscle:


Can you give some clarity if new Ather app is available for gen1/1.5 and even Alexa skills. Others won’t be happening as no new OTA updates are sent. Even though I was expecting smart eco in gen 1/1.5 as last update it didn’t happen. @abhishek.balaji @smridhi.kalati


One big request plsss add an next and previous track to Ather helmet pls don’t make it Ather exclusive We won’t be riding only athers we even have other ice scooters it would be such letdown @smridhi.kalati


Nice summary and refresher :+1:


@smridhi.kalati The only thing I want to say is that the Ather Full Face Helmet is very steeply priced. The price has to has to has to reduce. Even for sm1 like me who absolutely loved the product 13k-15k is really a deal breaker. Requesting the marketing team to bring the price of the final version below 10k before the July launch. Honestly 8k is the sweet spot and the best deal.


Thank you Ather team for bringing essential features like Ping my scooter, ESS, Live location sharing and Call decline with messages to our scooters. Each of these features is extremely useful and should be introduced by every EV company in India, you people just set the benchmark! :heart: Just improve your service :pray:


A smart helmet was on my list and now I know what go get. Rizta and Ather Stack 6 looks promising, looking forward to trying it out soon. And a special mention for taking care of us Gen 2 owners. I missed attending the event but not disappointed, yet. 🫶🏻


What about Google integration, you have tie-ups with Google for Maps, why can’t it be done for Google app.


Any ETA on when the update or app arrives?


Why will the ping my scooter feature not be present in 450S? 450s too had indicator lights and I don’t see why it can’t have that feature


Maybe the S stands for silent and hence, the scooter doesn’t like to be pinged


@smridhi.kalati Can Wireless charging unit be replaced separately? In case if we drop helmet and that charging unit gets damaged what are our repair options? Can you clarify this? Will entire helmet needs to be replaced?


@smridhi.kalati @tarun Are you providing a wireless charging unit with the Halo helmet, or do we need to purchase one separately? I have placed an order for halo helmet so just want to know.

@chef.arun7 do you have any info


The charger is provided with the helmet. You’ll also be able to buy additional chargers from the website (so can have one in Rizta boot and other at home)


Is the organiser and the Multi purpose charger an accessory or comes along with the Rizta?


Both are separate accessories afaik.

• Guard

• Back rest

• Frunk

• Seat covers

• Boot storage organiser

• USB C charger

• Halo charger

• Foot rest

These are the accessories I know of


Helmet Comes with Wireless Charger Bro

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Really disappointed. When asked at the event they said all features will be available to all models gen 2 and above. I paid full launch price for the 450s. They reduced the price if it and now clearly wont have any updates as well.