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Team I see my battery% comes down from 100% to 94% in 12 hours. It is significantly higher. Can we look at shutdown option if it goes beyond 8 hours?. I have read in other threads that shutdown option will affect the battery life, but can we not fix it through software update?

Sorry I got the answer in another thread about upcoming update to fix this. Thanks a lot and that’s Ather for you…

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Dear Sir (@abhishek.balaji) ,

As a well growing and reputed company in the EV market, you should not be keep on changing your words.

Earlier, you had a reasoning to show how it’s 3 years and why it was wrongly stated as 2 years. Now you are turning it out onto a unfavourable scenario for customers.

And that too without being mentioning a reason at all. You should not be doing this, it will break the trust of the customers on the company.

I suggest you to stick back on your statement as it is capable of 3 years warranty.

Discuss with your team. @chaitanya.hegde @vignesh.reviraj1 @zarah.ahmed @nishant.dk @tarun


Doesn’t the statement already say that the warranty is 3 years for both portable charger and Dot, from where you got this confusion?


@abhishek.balaji @power_light2000 Hope you go through the dates and understand the scenario. I was an Ather enthusiast and gonna get delivery of 450X in couple of days. But in this booking itself, I lost the trust in them. Felt with so poor customer relation.

Isn’t it shameful ?


Haha, so the post on the 3rd of May says the warranty for Portable Charger is 3 years, and that the error of warranty mentioned as 2 years would be corrected and conveyed to all customers.

But, on the 8th of May, we see that our sneaky boy @abhishek.balaji has changed the warranty of PC to 2 years, is it? Haha, it does indeed say so. It was changed right under our noses eh?


Yup, absolutely that’s the case. We as an Ather owners need to raise flag against this and make them addressed on to this in a customer favourable way. @power_light2000 @vinith_karadi

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We wanted to land it nicely with a proper communication and with an update on all forums simultaneously. Slipped quietly instead :frowning:

Will let Abhishek clarify. Don’t worry, we are looking at 3 years only.


Dear Sir,

As I have wrongly chosen for this Ather Dot by thinking that Ather PC is one year warranty less than Ather Dot. (which was a wrong info communicated from your customer care and dealership). My vehicle is not delivered yet. Order ID: 91940 Now I wanna change to PC from Dot, but as my Dot is invoiced - hence they’re not giving me an option. They’re giving me the technical difficulties on your system as a reason.

Kindly understand the mistake on your side and please don’t let the customer suffer for your mistakes & technical difficulties. So please consider giving customers an option to change their chosen charger (Dot or PC).

As these changes (or wrong info from your end) made influenced us for a wrong selection.

Hope you serve the customer well always. @tarun

I too feel the same situation . I ordered the bike and waiting for payment clearance (their payment server problem) after payment server fixed it takes 2 more days to generate invoice. After invoice done they called me to submit original proof for RTO. till then i thought I have option to choose PC but before the delivery Ather person called me and fix the date. I Ask them to swap from Dot to PC but he refused to do. I explain the warranty confusion issue but he don’t accept. am still live with Dot. and had pain with it. because I need to travel 60km / day , I can only charge once I reach the home . there is no more Grid near 15km around my Home . Unsatisfied but am sacrifice because of these young entrepreneur ship. keep grow Ather I will pray for your huge success. @Tarun

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Heyy… I’m also on a similar scenario with the same need.

Why to sacrifice for their mistake!! They will sort out this for us in somehow. Actually they have to.

@abhishek.balaji Customer’s are struggling,…… Please sort out this as soon as possible.

@tarun Like he said, Hats off to the young entrepreneurs like you. Mistakes are queit common, but sorting out those in a customer favourable way will keep you appreciated again.

I’m all done and waiting for a lead or a conclusion from your side to switch my charger to PC.

Hey Ather, Hope you guys sort out this fast.

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Sorry for the confusion folks. There was an internal discussion on extending the warranty to 3 years for the portable charger to match the Dot warranty. I ended up jumping the gun and communicating this in the FAQs. We are still in the process of updating our T&Cs and getting the communication ready across different touchpoints (customer support, FAQs, etc), so I had to roll this back. But yes, do expect to hear an update on this in the next few weeks.


Hey sir,

Go through the above and Please do understand our situation.

We’re the customers who wrongly chosen Ather Dot without even knowing these change. @anbudroid

So please do give us an option to change from Dot to PC.

We’re on the step of taking the vehicle delivery within few days. We wanna change our charger to PC before that. So please don’t make us wait for weeks.

Get us an option for this in next couple of days asap.

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Good luck with that. I had actually spoken with @abhishek.balaji and three others about the Dot vs PC confusion at the time of ordering, and that I would like to return my Dot charger and get a refund since the PC was the same thing in a more compact case. Iwas assured that the concern would be passed up the chain and someone would get in touch. It has been a few months now and there has been not even a squeak from Ather’s end. They were very quick, however to communicate to me that my warranty was void because I had modified the frame to solve the massive vibration issue I was facing after they themselves could not.

I did remind @abhishek.balaji once about the refund, but as usual he is sticking to his new strategy of burying his head in the sand and hoping that I go away.

Nice way to nickel and dime your customers @tarun. I see great things in store for you guys.


Once Invoice generated, CS Team couldn’t help u anywhere …

When I taking before Delivery so much arguments happened regarding PC / Dot. But No use.

In my scooter delivery time PC price is 5000 rs and Dot price 10,000. When I realised this price difference I requested give me free charger Dot instead of PC and I will make payment of PC .

But, they are not done anything which is help to me . Simply I got only one answer as a result

sir, invoice is Generated we could not do Anything now

Feeling sadly , taken scooter Delivery. while losing of 5k at the spot .:pensive:

Regarding this issue I directly spoken with @tarun Bangalore owners meet dec 2019 . And He addressed to showroom sales executive to solve this issue . After that I run next day to showroom regarding this issue. There manager also involved to solve this issue and later 5 days I get result is ~once invoice is generated we cont help~

To much of search finally i got proof of this mail.

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Which is your Ather model you bought that time!!? 450 or 450X or 450plus !!?

@bharath5408 @blackworks @anbudroid If you don’t mind can you mention your purchase date or month & year !!?

@abhishek.balaji @tarun @chaitanya.hegde Still customers are thriving on this, Understand the scenario out here, Give us an option for a swap from Dot to PC. We deserve it to happen so, as this requirement arise from these warranty change.

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Feeling so sad to hear all these from customers.

@abhishek.balaji @tarun @chaitanya.hegde @vignesh.reviraj1 @zarah.ahmed @nishant.dk

I think you should look into this on a serious note. Provide us an option for choose back the charger again or give us your PC as a complement.

We’re not demanding you to give us PC as complement. We meant that if you have any technical or system difficulties to give us an option for changing the charger selected (from Dot to PC), then sort out the same by giving us PC as a complement.

I repeat… Please don’t let the customer suffer for your mistakes or technical difficulties.

We hope you do so and serve well the customers, to keep up your goodwill, reputation better.

Sort out this in somehow as soon as possible in a coming couple of days.

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Oops. Inspite of Tarun addressing to the sales, your issue did not solve? That’s something I won’t see in other companies. Company Owner himself asking to solve the issue and still it’s pending? Pathetic…


I had purchased my S1 sometime in January. While ordering, the webpage listed the Portable Charger as a paid option. Nowhere during the order process was it mentioned that I could choose a PC instead of a Dot.

Looks like all the geniuses at Ather are so busy coming up with publicity stunts that nobody is working on proof reading anything that the company publishes.

Nobody seems interested in taking responsibility for these nuggets of misleading information and / or making the customer whole again, either. Once the money hits Ather’s account, that’s the end of customer care.


I don’t think so , In chennai I had some responsible employees they were polite and give solutions to my problems. Some of them we’re misleading am not agreed all of them. I purchased my S1 on 8th May 2021. After 3 days (150km Ride) here lockdown . So sad. If company swap my charger am really thankful to them.

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