[Event] Online Open House: Battery and Charging

Do I have to replace the battery pack after 3 years? Will fast-charging destroy my battery? Is it safe to discharge the battery pack below 5%?

Myths about EVs holding you back from going electric? Join us this Sunday where we talk about batteries and charging!

Who’s gonna be there?

Shreyas Seetapathy, Battery & Motor

He used to design turbines before joining Ather. Here, he is leading the battery and the motor team. When not working, you can find him climbing cliffs outside the city limits. Leads the battery and motor team. Nobody better to get to the heart of 450X like him.

Chaitanya Hegde, Product Manager Vehicle line

Spends his day immersed in every little aspect of the vehicle, be it software or a physical design improvement. Come evening, he is buried in quizzes, pop culture, and Carnatic flute notes.

Psst: He’s the right person to ask about Netflix on the dashboard

Zarah Ahmed, Lead Charging Infrastructure

Leading a team to strengthen Ather Grid and home charging infrastructure. A windsurfer and snowboarder, this adventurous streak is what keeps her charged up.

Interested? RSVP below and we’ll send you an invite to join in! If you have any specific questions you’d like answered, drop them below!


We’ll have an extensive Q&A section as well, but if you have any specific questions, ask way here!

  • Why the Gen 1 450 doesn’t have a top buffer?
  • Will you release the 300Wh(12%) buffer in the 450 once we see degradation?
  • SoH on the dash/@service- Possibility?
  • Affects on the battery at > 40degC
  • Can 450 owners expect a larger capacity battery maybe with the 2170 cells ? In the future, when they need a replacement.
  • Is there any possibility of fixing the v1 Portable charger to be less sensitive?

  • In my last 5 long trips in 1 month, I noticed that 25 km drive + 20 min break + 25 kms gives better range than 50 km in a stretch. Does heat and longer fan run affects range or battery health?

  • Keep hearing that Frequent Fast charging is not recommended. How often is bad to affect the battery health?

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  • If we’re repeatedly charging only between 40/50% to 85% and almost never go to 100% is it advisable to charge up to 100% or drain to 0% once in a while to balance the cells in the battery? Or is that managed by the BMS well enough?
  • Can we still expect an option to limit Charging ?
  • In an owners meet in 2019, I remember, that you guys shared the charging patterns of 450 users and realised that a lot of people charge in the morning rather than leaving it charging overnight. Could you share the data you’ve got now? Since it’s a bigger sample size. To see how people are actually charging.

Impact of COVID lockdown/restrictions in the current cities and the upcoming cities.

I do almost the same daily… Im have a daily ride of 25-28 kms which almost do in warp mode… in city with lots of speed breaks and me almost riding with a pillion I end up with 55-58% SOC (29kms). Since remaining 29 kms s not enough for next day ride I top-up daily… will it effect the battery…?

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Related to charging :stuck_out_tongue: when will the provision to purchase portable charger using ather credits be enabled? also enable an option to pay for 4G dongle upgrade for Ather 450

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I think with the recent 4.4.0 OTA all the buffer battery is unlocked. That’s why you can see SOC of 99%, 89% etc. But not 91%, 81% etc after update

Oh really? I didn’t notice. The buffer wasn’t released I think. At 0% the battery isn’t really at 0%. There’s still some 10-12% left for sure. Ather has confirmed that I think. Maybe we’ll find out this weekend.

Regardless of the logic and reason, this skipping of 9 was so much annoying… especially when you charge full to 100% and move for 300 metres to see 98% and your ride statistics is screwed up.

After hearing that the new OTA resolved it, was happy, now 9 replaced with 1 :smiley:

since the bufffer is at 12% why do you charge till ~80%(i have read your posts that you restrict the charge to some specific SOC)? I have 450X and my parking has my wifi. So will you recommend not charging 100% ? My daily use is very less as WFH scenarios.

Like many of us, @Suraj_madhu owns Ather 450 and top buffer is not there. So, when we charge 100% we are really hitting the battery’s peak capacity.


That buffer is at the bottom only. At 100% the scooter is at ~99% actual SOC in the 450. The 450 plus and X might be different. From what I understand, the 450X has about a 6% buffer at the top.

You have a 450X right? It shouldn’t affect a lot. I’d still say charge to 80-85% since your usage is low


Ohh Okay, I was not aware of this. Generally have buffer in top and bottom so i assumed it has…


I have the same question, should we charge the vehicle upto 100% daily or should we charge the vehicle upto 80-85% daily and should we make it complete 0% once in a month or never make it to 0%SOC


your question is valid one,don’t worry about the charging cycle or charge level % estimate your ride range for example your daily routine kms average is 30kms with warp mode it will show the estimated range as 48kms to 50 kms once you got a range estimation below 32kms means use R mode its pretty effective to enhance range just use your throttle transition smooth & gradual if you use like this you can charge your scooter 2 days once at 15% of SOC and use regen braking when batt level is below 81% regen won’t works below 21kms of speed

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Google Meet or Zoom?

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It is zoom