EV Policy, Roadtax and Registration fees


This to discuss about EV policies of different states and other things


Google search “state name” electric vehicle policy pdf


Started reading these

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I request all the chennaites to lodge a grievance in CM cell. Not sure whether they are in the process of framing EV policy. Hundreds of grievances will alert them , that people are serious about EV.

Zero road tax and reg fees is all we need from TN govt to encourage EV.


@premindia871215 can you please share the link to lodge the grievance?



Register yourself and post your grievance .
It did work for me in couple of cases.

I will also mail the concerned transport minister
Vijaya Bhaskar (mail id. transec@tn.gov.in) and Chennai RTO asking to subsidize the taxes on EV.




I have now registered my grievance.



Done today


What about EV policy in Tamilnadu


No policy just reduced road tax I think 4% and registration fee is also there use above link to raise request to cm cell regarding zero percent road tax and waiver of registration fees on EV and will see if they respond if more people send requests


Done with the registration of grievance…

Should an Email be sent to transport department?


You can send, if you wish to approach transport minister thorough mail, rather going through formal petition.

Although I have sent a mail couple of weeks back, no response from them. Not even an acknowledgement


It’s been 4 months , TN announced they will come up with EV policy. Yet to announce it.
My CM cell petition is with the transport commissioner. Any updates on your petitions?.