EV charging support for high rise apartments

I am facing problem with my apartment association. They were not allowing me to setup a 15 Amps socket in my parking area. I approached BESCOM and got a letter signed by AEE. After 6 months, they suddenly gave a notice and removed my charging setup and wiring. Association is insisting on NOC from BESCOM and BESCOM is not able to issue NOC because there is no government order. I have checked at all levels, AE Munnekollal, AEE Ashwath Nagar and Corporate office at KR circle. Everyone is supporting verbally but not able to issue NOC and advising me to sort out with association.

Many apartment residents are facing similar problems as there is no clear directive from ministry of power. Please sign my petition and help.

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There is no provision for an NOC. Ask you association to quote the municipal regulations or Bescom regulations that requires a NOC.


This is too harsh!!! On what grounds did they remove the plug? A plug inside the house and a plug in the parking lot is the same. As long as you are using the power from your meter and it is in your parking lot I don’t understand the issue. in the next 5 years, I’m sure the same people who are opposing, will end up buying an EV and everything will be accepted

Is your association ready to provide 5 Amp socket? what is your association’s concern for not allowing? power theft or fire?

Our apartment society has 504 flats and there are only two EV users including me. I pulled a wire from my MCB in panel room to parking slot, other guy is lucky to have his parking slot right below his apartment. He drops a wire, charges his Reva and pulls it back.

Concerns of apartment are :

  1. What if there are more EV users. Everyone does their own wiring and it can be dangerous. I asked them to provide cable trays and we will route through them. Residents have agreed but MC doesn’t want to provide any extra infrastructure.
  2. They provided an unauthorized commercial model. They took power from common area, installed sub meters and sockets in maintenance office. They are insisting us to make entry in a register, note units and time and then pay for current and parking. They removed our personal charging stations and are insisting to use common commercial charging points.
  3. I told them that this is not scalable. If there are more EV users, it will be a hassle to move the vehicle, make entry and charge. They say that it is not their problem and we should think of infrastructure before buying.
  4. They are citing some old BESCOM rules and saying that we cannot have appliances (including EVs) such that sum of all loads is more than sanctioned load. We have 5KW each, so we are not supposed to have 3 geysers, 1 microware and 1 AC.
  5. They believe that lithium mining is hazardous and EVs are dirtier than Diesel vehicles and should not be encouraged. I don’t know from where they get articles supporting their views.

There is no theft problem. I have put the socket inside a locked box. Fire hazard is also not a problem. I am taking power from my output MCB in panel room and I have another MCB in my switch box. And even the charger is having a fuse which will blow off in case of excess power.

They cited “common area violation” in their notice and removed it.

Sure, I will ask them.

Did they return all the cabling and other items that was removed?.

If not, I would consider that Theft and look at appropriate legal options.


Man, this is such a demotivating approach to the whole issue. Have you asked Ather’s support to help convince them? They may be able to back you up with data and facts.

Guys, this actually got me thinking.

Is there any way we EV enthusiasts and owners can run an online campaign to put pressure on at least the big builders (Prestige, Purvankara and the likes) to permit EV charging point installations in all their apartments? When these big builders end up having a standard approach / SOP for approving such requests, this should take care of a good number of buildings in cities. Even if this campaign does not cover the smaller apartments and builders, it will create enough momentum (when they see the bigger builders having lots of EV chargers) to change their minds too and start allowing such requests without drama. And when the builders have this as a part of their apartment rules, then the owners’ association will also come to terms with it and not stop owners…

Thoughts? We can start by identifying apartments that are today causing problems and send messages to their builders on this to raise awareness. EVs are the future, so these associations cannot delay the inevitable for long!

P.S.: We might need Ather’s support with necessary documentations and social media visibility to make this happen.


I have already sent them a legal notice for trespassing into my private property and damaging wiring. They were giving me my box and wire there itself but I refused to accept. I raised a ticket to give me an explanation in writing and then return my belongings officially. They have to respond to my notice by 20th October failing which I will file a case in court.

But there should be a better way to handle such issues. I approached BESCOM corporate office and met DGM EV and Smart grid segment, and he told that BESCOM cannot give an NOC because there is no circular or rule from Ministry. That’s the reason for starting my petition.

I am visiting Ather experience center on this Sunday to test drive 450x. I’ll ask for their help.

Please share the petition on your social media pages. I’ll take help from Ather/Mahindra electric and approach BESCOM again after getting good number of signatures.


This is actually a fair point. They had no authority to do this. If you don’t mind me asking, which apartment is this? Is it under the purview of any builder who might have a social media presence?

This is in Shriram Samruddhi Apartments, Thubarahalli. Shriram builders handed over to association in 2007, so, builder is no way responsible.


Hello people, I’ve booked Ather 450X series 1 & its due for delivery in November. I am from Pune, Maharashtra. Our society is of 4 buildings, 2 completed & already started possession, 2 buildings yet to complete. Society formation is not done yet, everything is controlled by builder. If I need to install Ather Dot, do I need to take any NOC or any letter of permission from builder for the installation? I will also need support on this from you @abhishek.balaji

Ather has no requirement of an NOC. If it is still under the builder you have just one person to discuss with. You can even ask the builder to get a concealed 15A electric line drawn to your parking slot from your meter.


But for the sake of future safety, when society handover is done, I don’t want to explain society committee again. That’s why I asked if I need to take take NOC from builder now, then no one can mess with me in future

There’s no harm in getting one from the builder I suppose. But if you get a 15A connection to your parking spot from your meter beforehand. Most of your troubles are dealt with because most of the posts that I’ve seen is about the society committee claiming that the wiring is dangerous or hazardous.

We need 5A or 15A for DOT?

The dot is rated for 5a but I would recommend putting in a 15a/5a socket enclosed in a box.

Future proof incase you buy a 4w EV in the future.

ok, thanks for the inputs guys.