Electricity consumption details in Dashboard

I think one of most wanted feature on the dashboard is to know how many units consumed after a full recharge or during recharging process. Is there any scope of adding this in any feature release


Hi @sjanamca. I don’t think that it’s a possibility. The power consumption can be recorded by your electricity meter only. You can maybe calculate the power consumed by using the power rating of the Ather Dot. But, yes, if it is possible, then it will be a great addition.


The bike actually stores data on the number of units consumed by a Ather Dot and by a fast charger. This data is reported as a consolidated monthly number in the Monthly Ride Log report.

Would definitely be nice to see session wise data in the report or on the dash.


Exactly my point! If they can send us as a report they can definitely show them on dashboard. We don’t need detail to core but the minimal we ask is to show total consumption after pulling off the charger from the bike.


However those calculation would only be an estimate. Real consumption you get to see only on meter. I am gathering data with real meter readings and would post soon in a month on my post Installed a seperate electricity meter

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