Installed a seperate electricity meter

I own Ather 450X and yesterday I have got installed a seperate electricity meter through Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) as I live in Pune. I had only two purpose in mind:

  1. To monitor my daily charging units, which will be billed eventually after 1 billing cycle of MSEDCL.
  2. To avoid adding up units due to charging of vehicle with that of my home’s units. This will help me track my home appliances consumption without any other additional load.

And then, there is additional benefit, in case I decide to buy another 2W / 4W EV. I can monitor all charging units and the electricity bill can be kept under check.

Also, I am sure there is some incentive or concessional rate per unit provided for EV charging by state/central Govt.

To get a new connection of MSEDCL in Maharastra I have followed a procedure as below:

(1) Visited Welcome to Web Self Service and selected New Connection Request. I see a new page opened as below :

(2) Select Electric Vehicle Charging Station(EVCS) which redirects to another page as below :

Fill up the form and click submit. You can also upload all supporting documents which are listed as below:

  1. Occupancy /Ownership: Form 8/Form 7-12/Tax/Lease Issued by Local Competent Authority
  2. Identity Proof: (Any one of the following) a. Collector/Govt. Authorized Photo ID b. Aadhar Card c. PAN Card d. Driving License e. Passport
  3. D-1 form test of Consumer’s premises from Govt. Authorized contractor(to be submitted before the release of connection)
  4. Undertaking on Rs 200 Stamp Paper for using power supply only for Electric vehicle charging. If rules, are violated punishable under Electricity Act 2003 under section 126 and 135.

(3) Once this is done, take a print of the application acknowledgement and submit to nearest MSEDCL office anywhere in Maharashtra.

(4) The office staff shall verify your details and initiate a new connection. Pay upfront and other service cost at the office. Your meter should get installed in 10-15 days.

I had to consistently follow up (on phone) with MSEDCL office near my area to expedite the process. The total cost I had to pay was Rs 9000 which includes meter and other service charges. I hope this cost would soon come down.

I shall keep this post updated with my new meter readings and real units consumed by my Ather to charge for half cycle or full cycle and so on. Hope this help others to get an idea about real units Ather 450X is actually consuming to charge up.


Excellent idea for folks planning multiple EV vehicles (2W / 4W). I believe it will not only put you in lower usage slab, Discoms also have separate lower rate per unit for EVCS.


Update: Charged my vehicle from 46% to 96 % that is for 50%. Here is meter reading before and after:



So it consumed 2 units to charge 50 % of total battery capacity. Some day I would post reading for 0 to 100 %


That means the charging efficiency is just 67%

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There is no decimal digit to the last value, right? So it could be anything from 1.5 Wh to 2.4 Wh. I would say it is close to the 1.5 Wh mark from what I see on my Wipro plug. Further reading and averaging will give a better answer.


Yeah you are right i didn’t realise that.


Yes and it would be more clearer as i keep updating readings


I didn’t understand the requirement of additional meter here, agreed you have to pay higher as the usage slab increases and also you need to monitor separately Ather’s unit consumption → a simple submeter would have done the job here, Now you are ended up paying more fixed monthly charges + usage charges additionally


But logically if a electric car is gonna come then new meter will help a lot as it may increase slab on your ongoing meter. Just for r Ather I don’t think it’s necessary



Last time I skipped readings with decimal digit. Today I have charged vehicle from 33% to 83% i.e 50%

Before reading: 14.9 KWh

Last Reading: 16.4 KWh

Consumption 1.5 units


@gauravbhand I did not find any acknowledgement after submitting the request. Can you post a screenshot for reference after blanking out your details?


Once you register for a new connection, you get an application ID which you receive on registered mobile number and email id.

Then visit Check New Connection Status and enter application ID with OTP sent on your phone.

You will get the information as shown below:

Take a print of this and submit along with required documents to nearest MSEB office. You also have option to upload documents as shown above.

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Sorry for the late reply and thanks a lot for the reference image. I had already uploaded the documents, so called the customer care. They mentioned that i will get the quotation in a month and post payment, connection. I want to visit the local office, but last time i visited and didn’t know about the EVCS application, they kept pushing me to get a commercial meter.


We also installed a meter but it’s a sub meter I installed it just to know how much I am using for Ather in a month.


Seems like not available in kerala

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It is not with KSEBL yet, last i checked. But you can get a different line altogether as a home or business to an address, but that is as fine line away from illegal it seems.


Below is 15 days of data.



My monthly log, consumed 40.28 units in 30 days. Battery performance remained consistent and only factor affected was my riding style.


About 1100 km with 40 units : 27.3km/unit - that’s very efficient! Do the numbers match the ride log?

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Hi, thank you. I am not sure about start and end day of a month in ride logs, whether start is 15th of each month or 16th or 01st, I am not sure. If someone know, please reply.