Documents for registration

I have two question. Can someone please clarify?

  1. What are documents that need to uploaded if the vehicle is for personal use?
  2. during the final payment will the Pre order money of 5000 be reduced? (final payment = total amount to be paid - Pre order amount 5k)?

Depends on the mode of payment. Apart from the documents listed below, you’ll need to furnish your Aadhaar card for claiming subsidy.

This is for lease, loan would be similar. For upfront payment, any proof of address and ID should do for registration. You’ll get all these details over email when your payment window opens up.

Yes of course, you’ll see the final breakup when your full payment window opens.

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Thanks for the clarification @abhishek.balaji. I do have one more doubt. I m from Tamilnadu working in bangalore and don’t have any proof that is linked with my current living address/location. In that case what proof I can furnish? Or should I change address in aadhar to show aadhar as a proof.?

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Hi, can I provide bank passbook front page with photo as proof of address for registration?

Payment window for Ather 450 has opened.

This is regarding the address proof required for the registration of the vehicle. I leave in the BHEL quarter, that is allocated to my wife as she is a BHEL employee. I have an allotment order for my address proof in the name of my wife but I want to register the new vehicle in my name.

Is it valid to provide that allotment order as address proof for my vehicle?

Hi folks , I don’t know where to ask so I am posting here . Do we require Driving license to register ather in Chennai RTO? I have LLR .

No, DL is not a requirement to register a vehicle. Any Adult in India can get a vehicle registered in his/her name. Driving Licence is…as the name itself suggests…a permission document needed to drive a vehicle. Registration is to show who is the owner and who is responsible for a particular vehicle. He/she may not even know driving.

However, DL can be used as an ID/address proof which is necessary during Registration.