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Yeah, I’d heard that, and hopefully Ather can be charged there too.

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Benelli Electric


** Bajaj Files Trademark For Fluir & Fluor; Upcoming Electric Two-Wheelers?**


Ahem… What is this new design we are getting to hear of, Ather? :wink:


This would be the 450 lite version that a lot of folks wanted. Might end up competing in the Non-connected EV segment

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That’s what my first impression was. But then, this seems to be bulkier than 450X (and is also mentioned in the article as being so). Why would they design a lite version that’s heavier than their premium model? So wondering if something is amiss here :sweat_smile:


Bulkier because it may have a tubular steel frame instead of cast aluminum - lower cost.

Ah yes! Possible :slight_smile:

U posted 1st. But prices and features can be guessed by this design. :neutral_face: