Disappointed Ather Space JP Nagar service

I booked Ather 450X Gen 3 and got an email to go Ather Space and make full payment. They also said it’s in stock. I was surprised and went to Ather Space JP Nagar, Bangalore.

  1. No one dare to look at me, say hi and acknowledge or request to wait / seated.
  2. I kept roaming and sending signs to 3 service personnel and no one bothered to respond.
  3. I waited for 30 min and lost patience and asked one person. He said I can’t help as he is from Finance and will send some one else.
  4. After waiting for whole 1 hour a lady came and when I said will pay by card, she said it’s 2% extra. So, how else to pay 1.5 Lakhs? UPI, Cheque, DD…OMG? What happened to the online experience I had with my Ather 450x gen 2? It was seamless.
  5. Absolutely poor customer service. They are all busy with deliveries. There is no structure, no sales, no service.
  6. I just left with 1 hour of time wasted and 40 min of travel too.
  7. Look at the way I got email. Did not expect this from Ather. I own Gen 2 and that experience was way better.

I got it from JP nagar it self and i had this experience when I bought gen 2, but when I went to buy gen 3 i asked them why like this ,they said when there is an offer we have 50-80 people in a day to buy and it will be very hard to maintain for each one person we need to spend 30mins minimum for queries and other days it will around 10 - 20 people and also explained a lot but can’t say everything here but we also need to understand there trouble and they also need to give an option to book online it self because almost we know about Ather and management needs to step up. The 2% card fee was there before also but you could use UPI there is a trick use 2 banks we can make a payment in one day itself.


When I bought 450x Gen 2 I paid online through card and there was no 2%. The reason for credit card payment is to pay later instead of paying from savings account. There were around 10-20 people, this is not an excuse for poor customer service. They must have one dedicated for few things and have a structured team. There were a few who were jobless but helpless as its not their portfolio. I have seen similar crowds on TVS too but it wasn’t that bad.


Pains to say this but this particular branch has always been a little slow with service and customer support. Even during the early 2022 days when I took my Gen2 delivery and there used to be very little crowd around the EC.

Yes and even their service centre managed by them is slow and poor.


Hey Parthasarathy, Certainly not the kind of experience we would want you to have. We have shared your concern with our team; we will get back to you soon.



I was at this place last week to book my Ather 450x. They were packed with people… and I think they did their best to attend everyone.

The only issue I have is as this outlet is a dealer they cant sell the scooter without the charger. I already have Ather 450x why would I need 2 chargers???

Only Indiranagar Ather space sells EVs without charger… I had to go all the way there to book. Company must look into this and have same rules across all company owner and dealers.


We bought our 450X in September. This was probably one of the worst pre-sales , delivery , sales experience ever . No one bothers at all !! When I went to book the vehicle , there was no one to speak to !! Everyone was speaking to someone else . There was no space to even sit .

Our delivery date kept changing . Every week , it became “ next week “ . The same dealer has a branch in Mangalore and those guys were willing to deliver immediately !! Other dealers in Bangalore were also able to deliver earlier .

Delivery day - there was no one available. The whole delivery experience was pathetic . As usual , no place to sit . I had 2 friends who came with me to book new vehicles . They canceled their plan to buy an Ather based on this “ experience “ the vehicle was delivered without being cleaned properly . We had paid for tpms , but that wasn’t installed . Overall , a forgetful experience

Post delivery - someone came to collect the vehicle to install tpms . But tpms display wasn’t accurate . To which , I was told “ company is aware “ . So what did we pay 5K for ?

After 1 month , I get a call from these guys saying RC card is available and that I need to personally go to the store to collect it . It’s been 4 months and I still haven’t gone there .

I had shared feedback on email / phone . Never heard from anyone - Ather or the store guys

My recommendation: stay away from this store for new vehicle purchases

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They asked me to go there by 5 PM same day to do payment. If they know they are busy why ask customer to go? Or at least have separate team or time slots for deliveries? I see another person shouting at them for delivery taking time, 2 more asking for store managers, all sales team busy with delivery. If they can’t manage this much why to keep this franchise? Same case with service too.

I cancelled my booking and thanks to poor sales and after sales service too. I am Ather owner and really disappointed when I was eager to get another one for wife.

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Agreed, hope Ather will improve on there organization structure.

YES SAME Experience I had at Ather Ghatkopar Mumbai Showroom…they said Pay 2% to 3% extra for Credit Card Payment. I told them I will Pay Extra…provided U pls mentioned the same in Performa invoice officially. The Ather Ghatkopar Mumbai team back-off saying we cannot give in writing. Professionalism is far away as my Invoices are Not assigned stamped by dealer, Demo is OK types, I took delivery of Ather 450x Gen3 without 2 Tax Invoices 450x Performance Upgrade & Portable Charger sum of Rs. 41,488/- They are like Oh we forgot. WORST SALES Experience. Ather must put a tap on dealer !!!

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even after paying the amount still Ather doesnt want to Mention as Gen3 on the RC. Why is that?

Hey There! We have shared your experience with our team; we will get back to you soon.

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Hey Volston, Our team will get in touch with you shortly!

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Still No update/call from Ather team on this? Ticket# 293653

Its been 9 days since you opened this Ticket# 293653 and no one has responded yet? Whats going on?