Device Sharing: Ather App

Hey Ather @abhishek.balaji @tarun

I’ve been thinking about how convenient it would be to have a feature in the Ather app that allows us to manage the devices connected to our accounts. You know, like when you lend your Ather to a friend or family member for a quick ride, but then you want to make sure they don’t have access forever? With this feature, we could easily control who has access to our accounts and for how long. It would add an extra layer of security and peace of mind.


Yes, we need two kinds of profiles -

  1. Share Ather permanently with a family or friend unrestricted.
  2. Share Ather temporarily for few kms or hours with geo fence control from owner app.

1st option is required as I share my Ather with my spouse. 2nd is for short time lending.


A similar feature request has already been created but it’s about Geofencing . You can vote there as your request is similar only difference is of device sharing to use Ather.

Ather can give both the features and it will result to a good feature that will be helpfull.

Geo Fencing Feature Link.

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These are two different features. Geofencing and device sharing aren’t the same.