Geofencing for Ather

Is it possible to add geofencing for the Ather scooters? This would be a nifty safety feature against theft attempts.


OLA, TVS iQube and others has it. Why wouldn’t Ather then ?

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@akshaygoa I support your request as a suggestion. The need for GEOFENCING would be a important feature to safe guard the investment made towards the purchase of Ather. Maybe Ather IT has already worked on this, since the trip suggesting option is being worked on. It would be like how mobile towers function.

Also since the bike itself comes with a touch screen( more room for improvement, in terms of upgrade in google maps, efficiency in terms of numbers like tachometer in ICE vehicles instead of colour change) @tarun @abhishek.balaji


Any updates on this feature? Seems like it should be a easy enough to implement considering you already track the vehicle at all times.

Hello Team Ather, any update on geofencing. You are cooking up a lot of other features that’s not as important as safety of the vehicle. Please prioritise this.