Deliveries Hyderabad

By when can we expect the deliveries to start in Hyderabad. I am planning to cancel and go with pureEv their scooters look promising and delivery is immediate to with in 2weeks time. Can you share some updates so that I can decide whether to wait or go-ahead with pureEv.


Don’t buy pureEv, wait for ather.Later you’d regret if you buy pureEv

This will be my first scooter, now a days it has become a necessity for me, can’t travel by auto/ cab due to pandemic. Been waiting for ather to start delivery in Hyderabad for more then a year now. Didn’t purchase another scooter just coz of ather scooter performance but this delivery model is quite frustrating. I think they don’t understand Indian customers. They hate waiting and look for alternate options. Why PureEV not a good option, I am using one of their product Eton+ ecycle for few months and I loved it.

You would only come to know why ather ,once if you ride it.

Forget about the ride, when are they going to start the delivery itself is not clear. Let them give me some tentative date ok by November, December I will be able to wait. But can’t wait with uncertainty whether they will start delivery this year/ next year.

Why not buy the ather 450 in bangalore and use it in hyderabad?

When I have other options of buying other brand electric scooter, if not petrol scooter for much lesser price, why should I take the pain of buying in Bangalore to use it in Hyderabad. Even ather doesn’t recommend that. My concern is its been 8 months since I did the pre booking, no message or follow-up of delivery dates. Before pandemic I had alternate means of transport now it became necessary to have own vehicle. If they clarify that it will be helpful for me to wait or go-ahead with other brand.

Yes the pandemic is horrible, due to that ather has also been late on track, but the 450x will be delivered by the end of this year, I know it is too late by now

Things are on track and now we’re more excited than ever to launch in Hyderabad! The experience center is under construction in Jubilee, we’re gearing up start test rides in about a month, and deliveries are on track to begin in October/November. :slight_smile:


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Thanks Abhishek, hopefully by OCTOBER if I get the delivery it will be helpful beyond that I won’t be able to wait, as I need a scooter on urgent basis. Thanks for understanding

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