December '19 Deliveries: Chennai

Full payment open for Order IDs 12122 - 12432

For any queries, reach out to customer care at +91 7676 600 900 or email at


Hey Ather Team,

Kindly inform us about when you will open Payment window for Dec orders in Chennai. How long to wait for Nov-Dec order IDs and still we not paid, then delivery will be more late, maybe in January only it looks. Very poor information about Payment and Delivery process in App/site. How many Chennai orders are left out in Dec for my ID#12573 to get in queue…?

Hey @abhishek.balaji ,

Can we have a monthly thread open for Chennai too?

Hey folks!

We’re opening payments for Order IDs 11799 -12121 by end of today. Check your inbox for an email to complete your payment!

Pls don’t wait a lot of days for the set of IDs opened to do payment. Try to open the next sets in every week to finish the Dec batch orders within this month. Kindly skip the IDs if not paid within a week and open the next set IDs for payment.

Kindly open the monthly threads for Bangalore

Hey folks!

We’re opening payments for Order IDs 12122 - 12432 by end of today. Check your inbox for an email to complete your payment!

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Hey @abhishek.balaji,

Glad that you are keeping us posted on the delivery updates. My order ID is 14342 from batch 2. From the pace at which the payment window is opening, I figure it might be difficult to meet the promise date of Dec deadline for all batch 2 customers. Your take on this please?


My Order id is #11823. I made full payment on 7th dec. I have not got my invoice generated to book insurance. CC says that my address needs affidavit ( gave HR letter) for generating invoice and ather CC gave a contact for getting affidavit and he also said it will be taken care. But still invoice not generated and no one form registration team contacted me. Every time i need to talk to them , and getting same standard response.

Hey, things are on track and the team will reach out to you for the next steps. :slight_smile:

my order id is 11862. Made the full payment on 11th. Waiting for a call to be informed on the next step :slight_smile:

Hi, 12047 here. Fully paid up!

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My booking is 14274 2nd batch. I hope ather keep the promise by delivering the vehicle by month end.

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Will be happy with new vechile in new year celebration if get

Hello, Abhishek Good day,

Any idea when you guys are planning to open the payment window for 13442?


Hi sir,
When are you going to open next set of Order IDs for Chennai Nov-Dec batch…in this week…!!?

Got my vehicle today ! absolutely awesome to ride it around.


We are ready to pay . Company is not opening payment window for nov&dec batch.

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