Daily total distance and time with better sorting feature for rides

The rides displayed in the app could be organised in a better way and also would love to see the daily distance/time ridden (not everyone remembers to reset the trip data). I have created a concept which could be implemented with additional improvements.


Can you elaborate on this, so the feature request is more comprehensive?

  • Why would showing the daily distance be useful for you?
  • Who do you think might find this useful?
  • How would they make use that data shown?

I forget to reset the trip meter and regret it later as well. Daily distance would be useful if I want to see how much I drive on a daily basis( helpful for people who don’t go to the same office /place and travel the same route everyday) also, daily efficiency could be implemented? Would be very nice for new owners especially when they can see a day on day increase in their efficiency in their riding patterns, would indirectly solve range anxiety.

  1. To compare it with the true range/projected range and know more about the riding style and efficiency.
  2. For a person like me who loves data. A special use-case could be for delivery-executives who are paid based on their daily-trips (maybe).