Better savings tracking

While testing the Ather API, I found out that each ride has it’s own savings counter. It would be nice if every ride showed the amount of fuel saved or something like a monthly fuel savings for people who like to track their finances. Also, some type of pagination for total distance covered per day or collating rides by months since the app just shows ride data for the past 6 months (like this: Daily total distance and time with better sorting feature for rides)

Btw what’s coasting and braking distance👀


With you going down to the API level, I’m surprised you even asked this. :joy:

Nevertheless, coasting distance is the distance that the vehicle covers on ground from the “place” you let go off the accelerator, but the vehicle keeps moving (coasting) forward without any acceleration due to momentum, based on your speed and road inclination till the “place” you stop or start accelerating again.

Breaking distance is the distance the vehicle covers on ground, from the time you apply and hold the brakes till the vehicle comes to a stop.

Hope this helps.


Well I obviously know their definitions​:rofl::rofl::rofl:. As their values are zero, I wanted to understand it’s functionality. Whether it is in development or just dummy parameters.


This is good work. I think this will be used for the advanced ride report module that was in beta but is no longer seen in the app.


That’s great then. More data is always welcome😋


@tec.razy What is this API? Where can i Access it?

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Agreed. Would love to see the battery used per ride as now there are a lot of memory and mental gymnastics involved. Fairly basic, should be very useful to guage usage in different modes, riding style etc. And as an extentsion the savings per ride.

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