Complication in Documents - Mysuru

I sent this email to Ather, No response still.
Here are the details:
Order ID 18002 and Order Date 2nd Dec 2019

I am actually situated in Mysuru and after giving a call to Ather Customer Service, I came to know that couple of users are already using Ather in Mysuru and it is at my own risk to take the Vehicle outside the Servicable area. I am ready to take that risk as I trust your vehicle. That is the main reason why I have booked the vehicle even without a test ride.

After discussing with couple of users on Ather forum, I am in a confusion related to the documents that needs to be furnished. ( I know the document submission window is still not open )

Here are the complication:

  1. I have a Election Card that has the Bangalore Address.
  2. I have a Bank account with the Bangalore Address.
  3. I have Aadhar card which has my Mysore Address
  4. The DL which I have is having the Davangere Address and it is 4-wheeler license

Let me know if these are sufficient for me to get through the booking process and take delivery.


@samarthraj @sachinshastry12 Can you help?

Namaste mam, I have taken this vehicle to Shivamogga and I am using it there. Thus I may be of some help to you. What I did was that, I got it registered temporarily from Ather, took the vehicle to Shivamogga and got it registered there permanently by myself. If you are following this, then you need not worry about the address in your documents. You have to talk with Ather and just let them know that you only need a temporary registeration. The only thing is that you have to approach the Mysuru rto on your own and fight with them if they dont agree for a tax exemption which Ather is eligible for ( I had to face this) or you have to get it done through an agent. This is only if you want to get it registered in Mysuru. If you are planning to get it registered in Bengaluru itself, I hope someone else would help you.


Hi, Ideally, I agree with Sachin. As your aadhaar is with Mysore address, get a temp registration from Ather, bring it to Mysore and get registration done here. Aadhar works as ID and address proof, both. Additionally you can use PAN for ID if asked for separately. Also aadhar will be required by Ather for FAME subsidy. So PAN and Aadhar should be sufficient.
Aadare, registration ge salpa Mysore RTO alli kashta aagabahudu.
@abhishek.balaji: some help from Ather with regard to tax exemptions would be good, if you guys can get hold of document that indicates tax exemption for EVs.


This means that the document with Bangalore address is not much of an importance for Ather. It’s only required for the registration on the Ather website?

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@abhishek.balaji can you give clarification whether voter ID can be used for registration and mysore address aadhaar for FAME subsidy?? Then registration can happen in KA51 itself

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Yes both should work, FAME requires an Aadhaar card to claim, but address is not important

Thanks Abhishek. That’s a huge relief. If not I would have planned to generate some documents before my document submission window is opened which is still a very long long long way to go. 18k order number

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Hi Maam,
its better we get the registration in Mysuru itself .
we can plan to go together prior to the vehicle deliver and check the fomalities needed.

i had to give my first order to my collegue. . .
in 2018 , Ather had no plans to deliver to Mysuru

the above snapshot is the reply i had got when i was transferred to my hometown

Hi punith,

I am also in the same situation. I am actually situated in Mysore since last 7 years. But i was following Ather’s every move. Finally in December 2019, I called them up and they told some users have taken it to mysuru. That is when I got confidence that we can use it in other cities. But problem is service which is a risk in our case.

Hello Neetha,
Looking at your post, I’d suggest you use your Voter ID (address proof), PAN (ID Proof) and Aadhar (for FAME II subsidy) and get your vehicle registered on your Bengaluru address. This will save you of the hassles. I assume some of your own people live in that Bengaluru address. Otherwise, use your Aadhar and PAN and get it registered in Mysuru. Before going to the RTO, read the below post from @sachinshastry12 so that you can be prepared.

Scheduled service is not a risk in my opinion. It is once in 5000kms which is probably 6months for an average user in Mysuru. If you have 3 days time (a long weekend for example) with 1 day time for riding to Bengaluru and another day for the return, you can manage. Fellow Atherean @Abhishek has setup charging points at Maddur too.

The real risk is that if there is some unexpected issue with your scooter not starting or something and requires the attention on Ather staff. I wish you don’t encounter that, but that’s the only risk I see. Read the below experience by sachin again

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Yes. After reading the latest OTA update issues from the forum users i am little bit concerned now. I was thinking update only when serviced

Not to spoil it for you, but you can’t control when it downloads the update. After it is downloaded, you can update manually immediately or it gets updated automatically 3AM the next day.

To add to this, before you plug in the charger for the night, you can tap on update, and it’ll give you an option to schedule the update as well. Updates contain critical bug fixes and improvements, so we’d not recommend skipping updates.

OTAs are tested on various scooters, as well as with an internal testing group before release, so the issues currently reported are very rare. We’re definitely working on improving the testing to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

@abhishek.balaji I don’t have any address proof for my Bangalore address. All my IDs have Ramanagara address, so is it possible for me to get the vehicle registered in Bangalore itself?

Our customer service team would be in the best position to answer this for the 450. Once the 450X in launched in a few weeks, you can check with them about the 450X as well!