Ola Electric Scooter aka Etergo AppScooter

Bro how you got Ather t shirt if i can’t buy i will buy one please tell me

How will you buy if you can’t buy? :sweat_smile:

Well it was a gift from Ather :heart:

This auto correct is literally f*** thing :joy::joy: but how you got gift

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OLA Cruise Control in action.

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First I thought another bug :joy::sweat_smile:

I did a long ride from Bangalore to Mysore in a single charge. So for that i got gift. :point_down:

Oh :flushed: nice bro keep it up can you tell me how you covered this long distance in single charge some tips for me will be useful and how you managed everything :blush:

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Broo… I already mentioned in that but to say in short, cruising at low speeds gives more range.

Many factors alao depend like tyre pressure, weight on the scooter, etc… but i over calculated it and took a ride in the night and i also kept Brightness to zero with dark mode, no use of indicator, horn, high beam and brake light :sweat_smile:, maybe these things also made a small difference in range.

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Okay. Thanks brother btw i have no issue with tyre pressure as i have installed Ather tpms on the day of delivery and of weight i can’t do anything :joy: my wait is around 71-72 otherwise no load on scooter and other things like light brightness which can’t be avoided it is a necessity and a major safety concern and what’s your weight btw so i can understand how much difference. Is there due to weight and what efficiency you get usually on your rides i get around 28-30 wh/km what do you get

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An insightful read…


I really doubt that because ola doesn’t have a current ride or a single ride’s data, the dashboard shows the km covered in one day. Even ola team would say he had achieved 300km for better sales or marketing but god knows what.

And why does the Ather taking a dig, Ather hasn’t targetted anyone in specific.

What? I really didn’t understand :sweat_smile:

@tanishqkhare is referring to the below segment of the article

Which is actually funny because Ather doesn’t take a dig on any one. They never targeted any one.


Ohh ok!! I didn’t even read the full article :grin:

not to trust anything that article has to say according to them,

Aggarwal didn’t reveal any technical specifications about this new battery cell though. It is not yet known whether it is an 18,650 cell or a 21,700 cell. Taking 21,700 as an example, 21mm is the diameter of the battery and 700mm is the length of the battery. Ola CEO also didn’t reveal the energy density, energy capacity, or battery chemistry either.

Copyright (C) ‘RUSH LANE’ Read more at… Ola Electric Scooter Owner Claims 303 Km Range On Single Charge .

700mm??? Really?? :rofl:

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It did seem like 700mm or 70cm in person. And it’s slightly curved.

It’s actually doable I suppose cruising at light 10-20Kmph. The thing is efficient. You’d have to average 13-14Wh/Km which is actually crazy but with the right conditions and the patience :man_shrugging:t4: Definitely not a way to ride a scooter though.