Community Day '24 Experience - along with Fireside Chats!


As a December 2022 Gen3X owner, watching the Community Day 2023 happen just a month from my vehicle’s delivery last year had me FOMO’ing really bad – especially with attendees getting the Seat Upgrade for free. My back reminds me of it every single ride!

Anyways, that experience had me dedicated to attend the event this year! Being active in the forum throughout ownership had me eager know intricate details of our vehicle, especially from an engineer’s perspective.

Last year’s Community Day introduced Fireside Chats – a way for regular owners like you and me to talk to the very people who make our Ather whee. It didn’t help that last year’s Fireside Chats were private and unrecorded/unpublished.

All the more reason to attend this year.

Travel plans

On March 2nd, I got the message to RSVP. I immediately did it, got verified on March 9th and date was revealed - April 06th. Bangalore is not too far from my town, Belgaum. Just an overnight bus journey and I could stay with relatives. It would be fun, especially as it is on a Saturday and I could return home on Sunday.

On way to KTPO Convention Hall

Bus journey wasn’t bad, had light breakfast and freshened up before making my way to KTPO. Upon reaching, the entrance itself was hype -

Never I have seen so many Athers at the same place (unlike some competitor’s service centres):

At the event!

Went past all the decorations, had another round of light breakfast (they had Poha, Pongal, fruits alongside tea/coffee) but lots of rush.

Made our way to the main hall. We were not early enough to find any front seats, so made-do with sitting far away. Still better than those who missed shuttle buses and had to stand the whole time (kudos and condolences to y’all)

Started off with some owner’s experiences interviews, some hype building cold-start exercises. Then was the Ather Unlocked:

A group whee session before moving on:

Session by Shri. Amitabh Kant, G20 Sherpa & former CEO of NITI Aayog.

They discussed EV ecosystem in India, with Kant making really hard-hitting points on how India should move forward in a pro-EV manner.

After this point, I tried focusing more on understanding the content rather than documenting it :grin:

Went quickly through Halo, Atherstack 6 and Rizta launches. Tarun demonstrating everything really well, like he always does. No need for any Hoezaay’s for half-informative launches :stuck_out_tongue:

More than the scooters, it was nice to see @tarun and Swapnil up close!

I didn’t get to meet them personally. I saw them after 6 PM but Tarun was busy debriefing the staff and Swapnil was with his family… I didn’t wanna intrude either :grimacing:

Other experiences, the good and the bad

As soon as they showcased Rizta, people started moving out immediately without the scooters even showing up on stage. A huge rush for lunch. Apparently without any facilities to wash hands, for which people used mineral water bottles in gardens and dustbins :no_mouth:

I waited till the show was over, prices revealed and all. Heading out, so many people! Decided not to go to lunch immediately as I had double-light-breakfasts.

Saw a cool IONIQ5 on our way, thought it was either Tarun’s or Swapnil’s (idk who owns EV6 or IONIQ but they do):

Made our way to the Apex MagicTwist experience! First time seeing the Apex up close, it definitely looks better in-person.

MagicTwist is really, really powerful! I just wish it was backwards compatible (more on that later…)

They hooked up the brake lights to the horn, so that you had to go around a course without using brakes. It was a nice demonstration and definitely impressive one-pedal driving mode.

Later made our way to the experience stalls. This was at 1:30 PM, when the Fireside Chats were supposed to begin. We just had a look around stalls but it wasn’t long until they started at 1:45, with the first chat.

  1. Charging Operability and Solutions:

A good chat, it had good discussions like “Why is charging charged on a per-minute basis?” - the answer to which is “in charging, time is currency”: you are supposed to charge as per needs and leave, not hog a charger just because it’s “free” or cheap (a scenario I have been stuck in multiple times). It’s meant to lower waiting times.

Other things discussed were the business sides of Charging Infra, challenges they faced and how the grid has scaled 100x over a period of 5 years! The main point of discussion was the relatively-recent BIS standardization of Ather’s LECS standard. My question about their thoughts on the NACS situation in NA didn’t have enough time for an explanation :frowning:

Also @raghav.srinivasan moderated the chat well :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Second chat was on the Ather Battery.

A great discussion on the making of the battery, the taboo topic of Battery Fires, and how Ather Energy was supposed to be a solid-state battery solutions company before switching to EVs. The moderator did a good job of making the technical discussion fun! Audience questions involved battery-drain queries and how the battery depletes faster at low SOC. Answers included “we own scooters with the same behavior. It will be patched in the future update”. Other stuff like Battery Recycling were asked about. We met Suraj, Controls Engineer at Ather for some further discussions :smile:

  1. Third one was on Atherstack.

The Operating System function of Atherstack is just the Patty of a burger, there are many other fillings that make up the whole burger! Loved the discussion as a Computer Science Engineer, especially as they talked about the design aspects of the new app and hardware-software integrations. My question was “There’s so many things happening on the Ather - data collection and analysis, UI rendering aspects, constant communications with the cloud… How does a Snapdragon 212 manage to handle so much, and do you not feel limited with such an old platform?”. They replied “that’s the magic of Atherstack!” Lol

Anyways, they said they know they are overdue for an upgrade, and it will happen in the future.

Other audience questions involved UI bugs and laggy-ness which staff said they also experience on their vehicles, and it will be better in Atherstack 6.

  1. The last talk was on Magic Throttle and other design aspects of Ather, mechanical and product.

It was an interesting conversation and involved technicals of control algorithms, the ADC and some stuff I’m terrible at remembering :sweat_smile:

One audience questions was asking for the Magic Throttle to be backwards compatible, gaining many "Amen!"s from the crowd. And there came my highlight of the day - a response basically saying “We will look into it, we usually design hardware keeping in mind backwards compatibility. But there are stuff like Homologation which keep us from implementing it.”

Homologation, the word describing whole 2023 year of Ather. At least they are giving Coasting Regen to all Gen3+.

After the talk on their way out, I talked to one of the staff and told them how much I appreciated the blog posts they put out, and I hope they continued putting them out.

It was an enjoyable experience gaining these technical insights. But it ended at almost 5:00 PM.

Post-Fireside Chats

Now, I gave up on lunch. I had to go around and see the experience stalls before it’s too late (5:00 PM was when we were supposed to be kicked out)

At the beginning, there was the Ring Toss game with a big queue, where you could win accessories. My quest for knowledge made me miss the game, as it was all over by then :joy:

Then, “Speed Strike” supposed to be some bowling game. Didn’t participate.

“Spin the Wheel”, I didn’t even notice what it was. I wanted to see the technical experiences :stuck_out_tongue:

Technical Experiences involved showcasing of new Atherstack 6 features, including “WhatsApp on dash”, “Location Sharing”, “Call Reject message”. UI for them seemed very similar to Atherstack 5, with these features just “hacked-on” like jugaad.

Some other experiences were scooter hooked up to a lidar sensor and computer to generate musical notes when standing on tiles.

Speaking of music, another experience was generation of music from motor by pulsating PWM vibrations :stuck_out_tongue: like they did in a early demonstration of Tom and Jerry music on an Ather motor (scroll down the link)


There was a game on testing reflex times, 450’s with throttles linked to computers and a F1-style start lights. The minimum time was 115ms that day. I thought I could beat it (as an ex-FPS game player lol) but this is what I managed in my one-shot at the game:

These are the other stalls I have images of:

Battery and BMS development history

Patents wall

Saw a random EQS on the way out. Driven by Shoffr. Even the airport transport vehicles were BYD E6’s by Shoffr. Some owners brought their NexonEVs to the event.

That’s it for the day. I feel it was worthwhile considering the FOMO of last year. But they definitely didn’t expect the head-count that showed up for the day. Last year’s event being more exclusive, was arranged better. There was no time for experiences for me, but I achieved my goals of seeking engineering knowledge. Perhaps might even try to intern some day at Ather, the staff interactions were the best part of ACDC.

But of course Homologations had to come up once and ruin it :joy:

I also tested out the Halo, and although it was definitely a prototype and without the visor mechanism (Tarun boasted about no ratcheting mechanism for visor), the audio experience was good, especially in comparision to my current Axor helmet + third party headset combo which I use every day.

The QR didn’t work in the event, but I received payment link on my bus out of Bangalore. I will review it in the future.

They also had ACD’24 exclusive accessories, with different variations of floormat, seat cover, bodyguard and keychain combo for 3.6k. Apparently they also had discounted merch which I wasn’t aware of. The discount coupons they provided for accessories was written to be “Valid only on 06/04” in a very invisible font, realised on my way out.

So, multiple cash-grab opportunities this time around. The accessories which I wanted (maybe TPMS/Inflator, Frunk, wash kit) went out of stock. The Halo was also a cash-grab which I bowed down to. Merch cash grab. Rizta booking cash grab.

That sorta left a bad taste in the mouth to an overall delightful experience. Enjoyed as an engineer, somewhat disappointed as an owner.

But for a first experience in Bangalore, I liked it and would definitely be open to visiting in the future.

A surreal experience while leaving the venue. Didn’t even feel I was at a mass-market manufacturer’s event.


Mehta Tarun Sanjay


Saw that, so idk. My first time seeing an IONIQ up close though. Otherwise I’ve seen like 6-7 in Goa, Mumbai and some places. Tarun owns an EV6 I think. He has talked about using V2L on family trips.


This is Tarun’s.


Oh, my brain autocorrected it as Mohit Tarun Sanjay and thought it was a completely different person. I need sleep, 3 days of travelling :face_with_spiral_eyes::joy: nice


Am eagerly waiting for AS6 kab milega Bhai new bugs ke sath I’ll pet that bug :beetle:


If seriously they give us magic twist backward compatible…Hats off to them.

And regarding homologation it was supposed to be a problem in coasting regen too right. Even that’ll give us more regen charge.

If they figured out on it they can surely give magic twist if they really want to. It’ll be so good if i can stop my vehicle by just deceleration.


Soo our force regen will be stronger right !!!


Needs change in throttle hardware.


Loved reading this experience story. Thank you!


It’s difficult as software can be changed but changing hardware of all Gen3 is very difficult.

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No coasting regen is different. Its not about being stronger. Its about regen as soon as we leave throttle.

Yes i know but what’s the problem with that. I’m ready to pay for the throttle if they give me a chance.

Difficult but not impossible. Give people a chance and ask them if they wanna pay lets say 10k for magic twist. I’ll definitely opt for it.

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They didn’t straight up say “no” to the magic throttle question – it would’ve led to a riot :joy:

They gave a diplomatic response including “hardware changes and homologation” but nothing stops them from allowing us a hardware upgrade of the switch-gear and throttle. Even software side that would make our scooter Gen3.7/Gen4 (or whatever they call it)

I really don’t think they have changed anything in the motor/battery/Ather drive controller between Gen 3 to Apex. It’s all just software limitations being tweaked in the Apex to extract maximum performance, which they could because of all the data from Gen3+ riders.

Another funny audience question was “What is the top speed that the motor can do, without any of the software limitations of 80kph?”

They didn’t want to give us a number and just said “if we give 80, that means top speed is 80” :no_mouth:

Someone should really try jailbreaking the scooter…


People will choose Apex over Magic Twist even though Magic Twist costs less at 450X. It’s simple bro: :rofl: if all the good stuff from Apex was available in older models nobody would want to buy Apex. This would mean fewer people buying the best and latest vehicle. If I’m wrong please let me know.

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Apex is limited edition. Will stop selling somewhere in July - Sept.


During the Fireside Chats people assumed Atherstack 6 and the new app will roll out with Rizta deliveries (July), but they confirmed it’ll be “much before July”. Stay hyped!

Keep hopes low. Maybe coasting regen have same strength as the braking regen, which is almost nothing at all. Or as strong as our current forced-regen, which is still less than what Gen4 and Apex can do.

I doubt they’ll make changes to our current forced-regen.


Honestly I’ll be happy if they limit my speed from 90 kmph to 80-70 kmph and give us a range of 125 - 135.

I hardly can drive it in city above 70.

People will differ but for me high speed on scooter is useless.

And why will people buy apex if magic twist is on gen 3.1

  1. Limited edition - Colour and theme (biggest reason)
  2. Speed bumped to 100 kmph
  3. Range increased by 5km

I don’t want any of these 3 things to come to me 3.1.

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