[Closed] AMA - 2, Saturday 1 February

Ifh we purchase it upfront, what after 3 years ?? Will we need to again take the subscription ?? What ifh we dont want the subscription at all ??

450X comes with Combined Braking System and dual disc for consistent and effective braking. And the brake system in 450X adequately supports the performance/handling that 450X offers. Also offering the ABS would have meant higher price point. So at this point we are not considering ABS.

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I just want to understand what do you mean by established industry standards, what it says?? can you please elaborate this in detail?

What will be my total ownership cost if go for pro plan ?

coimbatore city delivery date/???

If you choose to buy with the performance pack subscription (99K + Subscription), there is an exit option from the subscription, right from day one. Along with the option to pause up to
a month, when you’re not using the vehicle.

We are working on the exit prices, while these will not be very different from if the case had you taken a loan for this amount and wanted to foreclose it, this option will be slightly more expensive.

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The plan remains the same for the new buyers. We are working on the renewal plan which will on similar lines of the current plan

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Right now, we dont have clarity on the exact city-wise delivery dates. We are starting Q3 of this year, as announced. But exact delivery dates, we will announce closer to that time.

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I have made a pre-order from city not in your list
If I decide to wait what happens to the booking amount I have paid

This is where the performance packs come in. They give you the flexibility to switch between Plus and Pro performance levels. However, if you’ve bought the Plus vehicle upfront, you won’t be able to switch to Pro by paying 10K rupees.

Edit - @HarshaVardhan Having said this, today we are giving different features at different price points (albeit the same hardware) to gauge the demand for each variant. The plan is that if we do notice that a significant number of customers go for the 450X Plus version, we will consider removing the hardware which offers Pro features and rationalize our costs.

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how many months i wating??

For 450, we won’t have battery subscription plans like the 450X as of now. The current Ather One/Charge/Service/Connect will continue. For current owners, Ather One has been extended till July 2019 free of cost.

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Do you mean that 450 will have the same yearly plan? Or is it going to be the monthly plan?

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Why is the scooter this much costly. You made it not affordable for most masses. You guys started near 1 lakh and now you are reaching near 2 lakh. Is profit your motive? What about the next version then…will it be close to 3 lakh?

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Your pre-order will continue to be valid until we launch in your city! Your booking amount keeps that pre-order place in the queue valid and ahead of others. Also, the pre-order amount is fully refundable.

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We are currently planning to open in the 10 top tier cities this year. We are expecting that we will be launching Patna after this year.

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Difficult to answer the exact month. Do watch out for more info

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ok In future you guys will bring the battery subscription plans for ATHER 450 like for 450x ???
like for ATHER 450 current plan is of 8400 excluding GST, so this plan will be available for next 20 years?? At same price?

Any plans on giving a subscription plan that only concentrates in range, given the battery boost in 450x it will be nice if introduced one ?

If a person wants more range he can opt that plan.

The on road price for Chennai will work out to be approx

Battery subscription plan 1.1 lacs + performance pack monthly subscription (1699/1999 per month)


Upfront purchase

1.7 lacs if you decide to buy upfront without the performance pack subscription. Please give or take +/- 1K INR.

While data connectivity and charging infra access in built-in, the price of the battery subscription plan. In upfront purchase option you can opt for optional subscription plans for Data, service etc.