Claiming insurance on accident

My story starts on Saturday, a weekend complimenting with rains towards night.

It was late in the night maybe 11. The bliss of rain brought the smell of mud (only to those who love it, just like who love the smell of petrol :grinning:).


I was enjoying my ride towards my destination, me with my riding gloves, a bit of traffic on road, a bit of drizzle of rain. There was this unbelievable Skid that encountered when I’m just negotiating with Bangalore roads, sooner i realised i will fall to ground and really happened.

Visited SC on Monday in my Ather with mighty scratches on right. Ofcourse, the idea is to claim under insurance :crossed_fingers:.

Estimate - advisor suggested the replacement for Brake lever & All panels in right side :slightly_smiling_face:. Shocking was the estimate which was 24k.

(Anyone without insurance would be like)

I have now left my vehicle to be inspected by the surveyor and start the repair. Let’s see what’s going to be final service cost.


Hope you are doing fine. Wet roads and small tyres were never a great combination.


Oh this happened on a gen 3.1? What speed were you riding at?

So sorry to hear. Hope you are safe… Be careful in wet roads…

I have also heard that these MRF are not at all good for wet roads

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I have replaced rear tyre. I ride on Michelin


For my XUV 500 they gave an estimation of 27K to remove dent and repaint A pillar and Bonnet.

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24k oooof keep us updated


Even I have this issue, Ather is not at all planted to the road on rainy days and it feels like I could skid in any movement. The tyres somehow feels punctured but in reality it’s not punctured, the confidence to ride on rainy days is 0. I was thinking this was my issue and even visited SC where they charged me 300₹ to tighten the belt & to do steering adjustment. Absolute nightmare!


I had damage to same parts and same reason (Skid) .

It costed me 12.4k . Insurance approved only 9k tho.


Why did they approve only 9k? Any specific reson? Was there problem in notifying insurance and claiming the money?

Service center mentioned wrong GST number of insurance.

Folks, yes with god’s grace I’m all fine :slightly_smiling_face:. I own gen 3 and i wasn’t speeding but i was around 20-25 kmph.

Gen 3 tyres are great, this wasn’t anything about grip but just the road.

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Is that road made with such tiles?

Were the stickers still applied on the replacement panels?

Side yes. Front no.

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Whats the process for claiming insurance even I do have some :sweat_smile:

Call your insurance company they will do the needful or take it to SC they will do the needful after u show them your insurance papers

If your service center have tie up with insurance company they will do everything.

If not, first call and inform. Then take the scooter to SC, They will provide you an estimate and insurance guys will survey/approve.

After that repair work will start and once bill generated you have to pay to SC and insurance will pay you after depositing invoice and cancel cheque.


Floor Panel RH, Floor Cap, Lever RH, Throttle RH, Mirror RH, Floating Panel RH costed me only ₹ 9,392 (inclusing 28% GST) and I got full refund from GoDigit insurance. I had to pay only ₹ 167 from my pocket. Of course, next year there will not be NCB (No Claim Bonus).

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