Charging Your Vehicle

It will reflect on the receipt for every reimbursement cycle.

We have recently setup an AtherGrid location at TORQ92 near Yelahanka.

Until something even closer comes up, this can be used.

How to find the nearby Ather Grid? Do we have any App already launched?

Nearby Charging points will be available on the Ather App(yet to be released) and also on the vehicle dashboard.
For now, they can be looked up using the AtherGrid App (Available on Play Store and App Store)

Yes, I have downloaded the app from play store and logged in . It asked me to select the model but the Ather vehicles are not available on the list. Can I select any other vehicle and check the Grid location? Will it be same for Ather as well?

The reason why Ather vehicles are not on the list is that they will not need the app, as all vehicles have direct authentication and will start to charge as soon as connected to the charging Point.

You may select any other vehicle from the list on the app to view the locations. As for Ather owners, the locations are directly available on the dashboard and on the Ather App (Yet to be published).

This is to Ather Charging pod installation team. As informed the team came by this morning and installed the charging pod. I am an engineer /ev enthusiast and I should say the team led by Ullas was meticulous to the last detail and did a quick and efficient job of it. Kudos to Ather Energy, many thanks and keep up the good work!


Hey CapShankar,
If possible could you please share your Order ID? Just trying to figure out the current status of queue clearance since there is not official active communication from Ather about the status of orders. My order ID is 1768 slated for delivery in sep-oct but so far haven’t received any communication about the installation, account activation, delivery etc.


Hi Kumar,
Mine is 1029. I guess the wait is worth it as early adopters will face issues initially which will be ironed out depending on the feedback the first ones give. Five of us from an EV group who own Revas and E2Os ,have booked 450. Most of us have had years of experience using ev s and many in the group are hobbyists with varied interests. Owning 450, sure is going to be a different experience . A lot of effort has gone in to design it which must be appreciated.
Regards Shankar


Mine is 1088 and when enquired during test drive, was informed that I fall into first 50. So far no communication from Ather team regarding charging set up.

Waiting with reinforced patience !!!

Though there is a degree of disappointment as I was believing that I will get the scooter max by August end, I hope it worth the wait.

Hello people and Ather team,
I am super excited to share that the charging pod has been installed yesterday the charging station looks fab . Special thanks to the team who worked on this "

  • They were punctual and did the job within the specified time.
    -The work done was neat and minimal hassle for others (i stay in apartment)
    -I had to spend for some extra cable , so Team showed the extra usage before they went ahead for installation.

The service was very good and hope you guys maintain the same and you would be getting our best support from us.

It would be great if Ather team takes some time to appreciate the installation team . Here is a quick bite:


Hi Shruti? What was your order id? So that I can make a guess of when my installation of the point would take place.

hey Samit, my order id is 1053.

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@shruthiramesh5 - Thanks for putting up the pics of Installation guys. The same guys installed the charging point at my place and indeed they did a great job. I wasn’t able to take pics, but i would like to appreciate these guys and the whole team of Ather. All of them are amazing and eager to help & provide the necessary information. Kudos to @Ather.Team

can you please share your order id?

Was the booking done on 5th of June, 2018?!

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Why this disparity? After all a home charger could also be used by a closed group (of friends / colleagues) and hence could be a part of the Ather Grid.

AtherGrid locations have a dedicated Fast DC charger, which bypasses the onboard charger on the vehicle to charge the scooter faster.

The same cannot be put into all the home charging locations.

AtherGrid is truly open to all, while the home Point might get used by a sub-group, all AtherGrid locations are meant to be accessible by everyone.

What about Manyata tech park that is in the Orr and will be helpful if the ather grid is set up there

Now adding onto grid locations in tech parks, For example a grid is live in IBC knowledge park. Isn’t this restricted for common people who don’t work there?

I can understand that it will be helpful for Ather owners who work there, but just thinking if it will help others also if they just swing by and want to charge.