Charging Your Vehicle

We have discussed this in one of our earlier blogs. You can read it here.

charging point installation helps at home but to charge at my office i would expect an addition charging cable/adapter to be provided to help charge outside of home. We have 5A charging point at office parking and a charging adapter would definitely handy.
what is the cost of charging cable if i need to buy as accessory? or i should be able to use one of my laptop chargers :wink:


I stay in an apartment. The charging point will be installed in the common area. Can you please provide a lock or something similar so that people do misuse the unlocked charging unit connected to my electric meter.

Can we suggest you if an owner is ready for Athergrid at a public place. Would you install ?
The charging point installed at home. Is it safe ? Because the other people would temper with it.

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If you are interested in hosting AtherGrid, write to ATHER at


Studies have shown that battery life can be improved if charging and discharging is kept at max 80% and min 20%.

  1. Does Ather have any option for the user to set limit of charging and discharging.
    Or has Ather set the limit by default.
  2. Could you advice the battery chemistry used in the batteries, as this affects longevity of the battery as well.


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Charging : I spoke to your sales Associate at the experience centre, what I have been told is that Ather would reimburse the charging costs incurred at home or a portion of the same, now wanted to know was how is the same calculated & also is that data available to the customer

@spulumat, A separate cable does not come standard with the 450 and needs to be bought as an accessory.

The cost of the charging cable is Rs. 4,800 + GST.

As for using a laptop charger, you cannot because:

  1. Laptop chargers provide DC out, whereas the vehicle needs AC.
  2. The voltage, connector, and communication protocols of a laptop charger do not match that of the vehicles.

The charging point is authenticated and works only with your vehicle, hence no one will be able to draw electricity from your charging point.


We don’t have an option of setting maximum charge or discharge limits, the BMS has the necessary algorithms built in to ensure that the vehicle does so on its own.

Charging reimbursement is based on actual units consumed by the vehicle on charging (this is measured by the vehicle). Based on units consumed, we’ll reimburse @ 6.50 Rs per unit which is the average tariff for Bangalore.

Hi Shreyas,
when AC is fed into the scooter what is the voltage and amps that is fed into the scooter and do you have PIN out diagram (+ and - ve) terminal connectors that can be identified on the ather cable provided .

When AC is fed into the vehicle, it goes at the standard 220/230V. As the power output is around 1000W, the current goes upto ~4.5A(lower during CV charging).

At this point in time, I will not be able to share the connector-pin identification diagram.

If a customer who purchases the Ather 450 prefers to not have charging point installed and go for charging cable only, what is your say?

so will the rider get notified for the limit for maximum charge or discharge that the BMS has set ?

Thats cleared up, will we be able to also access this information as to the number of units consumed

@Shreyas is there any attempt of installing new ather grids around Bengaluru? I work near Yelahanka and there’s no ather grid in 10km radius. Is there any idea where and all ather grid will be installed and when?

Given that having a charging Point installed gives a better and safer user experience, overall. That said, if the customer wants a charging cable instead, we will be able to facilitate that and help the customer with the installation of a wall socket in the location, just like for 340 owners.

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The limits are pre-set and static. The rider need not worry about them. Over time, based on degradation data from multiple vehicles, we will be able to improve these limits further and make them less conservative, and maybe then we might have an option for the user to set limits. Not in the short-term though.

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AtherGrid locations are rapidly increasing in Bengaluru and will keep increasing at a quick pace till early next year. Will slow down after that.
We have been looking for AtherGrid potential locations in Yelahanka and haven’t been able to identify anything workable as yet. If you have any suggestions, please do let us know! We’d be happy to look into it.
Basic criteria for Ather Grid locations:

  1. Easy access to parking location for everyone.
  2. Host willing to setup AtherGrid without any monetary arrangement. (Cost of electricity and installation will, of course, be borne by Ather)
  3. Preferably a frequented route.