Charging Station (Non Ather)

Let us connect and create better charging infrastructure for EV.

Post with below information:

  1. [GPS co-ordinates] Or Gmap link
  2. [C] chargeable or [F] Free or [CA] condition apply.
  3. [5A] 5amp Socket [IS] Industrial socket [NS] Non standard
  4. Vendor with No. of Sockets or Port
  5. Supported Payment method.

Quick tips:


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Are you planning ‘Bengaluru - Mysuru’ ride on your
EV (2 wheeler)

this is for you!

have installed ‘5A & 15A’ power plugs at
Fish Curry Rice - Madduru


Very nice…

Great to that happen as you mentioned Abhishek. Hope you motivate many more people… I’m ready to contribute personally for such future installations…

Angela Merkel Wants Germany To Have 1 Million Electric Car Charging Points By 2030

Germany now has just 20,000 public charging points. Stephan Weil, the prime minister in Lower Saxony, where Volkswagen is based, said he wanted to see commitments for 100,000 public charging points in place by 2021.


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Hey see in north chennai in “HIGH COURT METRO” they came up with charging point for 4 wheelers.


they should have included 15A regular plug or industrial socket

am sure there must be some e-verito provided to them

i haven’t see any 15a plug,
what e-verito stands for ?

Electric version of mahindra vertio is called e-vertio

OK, as news in late august 2019 essl is coming with 1100 E-vehicles in chennai , so they are planning and installing grid points in every metro station in chennai ,
hope ather also utilize this grid points in share with them

If we were to use this point. How much do we have to pay the fish curry rice guy ?

if you have food there they might not ask any money, even if they do it will be rs.40 for 2hrs which will be enough to reach Mysuru (assuming you have version 1 vehicle)

have explained them in detail regarding electricity consumption,
so they wouldn’t charge more…

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I was planning on just coming back since I can’t charge in mysuru. And yes version 1

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The ME Charger will be available in the near future to help charge two, three & four–wheelers in the market and will be made available everywhere from retail outlets to popular highway stops. Zip through the city without ever worrying about charge. #DriveElectric #Mahindra Electric

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