Charging issues

Ather 450X gen 3 is not providing accurate information on the dash!

Charging the vehicle to a 100% gives only 104kms instead of 105kms.

The vehicle is just 6 months old and I’m not sure if this is update issue or the battery itself is degrading.

Any idea?

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Its just calculating as per 99%


Ideally it should be while I’m plugged in!

I stood next to my vehicle for atleast 30 mins to check if it reaches 105 kms!

This creates anxiety on the battery longevity!

Don’t Worry brother, it’s just a bug. Nothing Serious.


When charging shows 100% it shows 105km As soon as you turn on your bike It show 100% 104km.

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My charger stopped charging suddenly. Displayed red light. Plugged out and in again and it started working. Weird.

This won’t happen if your charger has just finished charging to 100% It will only happen if you turn of the bike an hour after charging

Yep! I do get it sometime…

Seems like the software is not stable

Yesterday my 450x hr 3.7kwh got an update and after the update i can’t find the optimized charging option in the settings

Try doing a restart, or it should show up in a day… This is a usual incident in case of my vehicle.

I do this like almost everyday nowadays… seems like the issue isnt resolved.

I raised 2 tickets which was closed without proper information.

One other is just waiting internal for almost 3 weeks now!

Charging issue! Ather is not charging or I can mention After connecting to portable charger, charger is not getting locked, there is no charging on display, but portable charger indicator is blinking and showing a charge increase of 8% after one hour. Anyone has any similar issue, any remedy. I have already turned off switch restarted charging thrice.

Try rebooting the vehicle.

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I have a very worst experience with Ather after crossing the 30k run. The out of warranty services I had each time they say a spare part has to be replaced. In July there was an electrical harness replacement which they say generally costs Rs 21,000/- and I was to pay Rs 6,000/- and today again when sent for servicing they say a charging kit harness has to be changed which will cost Rs 12,000/-

Rebooted doesnt solved the issue. Showed to SC Charging cable is cracked from inside, they replaced in warranty.


Charger has a 3 years Unlimted KM warranty.

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the charging animation in the app is not working and unable to know whether it is charging or not unless I see it after a while as the numbers change. At what time it is going to be full can be seen only on the scooter dashboard but not in the app