Charging Experience at Vida's charger

Then you’re lucky.

Us on the new Atherstack, there’s no chargers at all on the maps. You have to completely rely on the phone app👾 no idea how they missed that.


In gen 1/1.5 on scooter we can see the list of Ather grids in the nearest kms radius to current scooter location in ascending order.


Need to go to the Chargers section of the maps to see a list of chargers. I liked the old way, now it takes extra steps and also is not reliable (sometimes doesn’t load any chargers, other times it omits random chargers)


Thoughtfully designed software!


That is the most unreliable way of seeing chargers. Half of the time its empty for me and the other half it’s just random chargers not relevant to my location. So basically a useless option


Hello Guys, I am unable to use VIDA Charging station, whenever I go to use the station in multiple location I tried already, it says initializing post which charging it says then after like 30 seconds it says not charging, its the same with multiple people in Coimbatore location, I raised a ticket on this, but no update, I have 450x Gen3 model, any help & support is appreciated.

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