Charging Experience at Vida's charger

Since it has become official, I have tried charging my Ather 450x Gen 3.1 at Vida charger in my city.

Even though Vida uses the same charger connector, the charger is different in the following aspects:

  1. It has two outputs, which means two vehicles can be charged at the same time.
  2. It also supports AC charging (the connector seems different, maybe it is for cars, not sure).
  3. There is also a place to sit and relax whereas Ather charger has nothing like it. Since it has LED strips all around, you will never feel like you are sitting in a dark spot.
  4. There is no fan noise (I charged for 33 minutes, and there was no fan noise).
  5. Space was ample.
  6. The charger may have a CCTV camera as well (on the internet it shows this particular one didn’t have it).

The charger is manufactured by Exicom Power Systems. I charged my Ather 450x Gen 3.1 from SOC 69% to 80%, and it took approximately 33 minutes. the charging time estimation on the dashboard was never correct. I have not tried charging after 80%, so I can’t comment on that. Vida has a different billing system. I tried installing the Vida app, but it kept on hanging. I have not been charged at all for charging.

I hope this helps. If you have any further questions or need more help, please let me know


Can we charge 100 and how to find Vida charger does it show on Ather dashboard

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This was probably why you didn’t hear fan noise. If this timing is correct then you were charging at 750W which is what the portable/DOT charger pulls for charging the scooter.


But the charging speed was similar to Ather charger

I tried a Vida charger yday for 2 minutes. Didnt hear any fan either! Dashboard said Fast Charging and lights on the charger were blinking…


Ather’s Grid charger would have done 69% to 80% in 11-12 mins.

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Hmm what speed did it charge at? @agobade could have had a failsafe type charging session. Maybe.

Exactly it’s silent as compared to Ather one

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Couldn’t check the speed since it was just 1 min. Will note it down next time I charge


So beautiful, so elegant, just looking like a wow.

Again, there was no fan noise or anything at all. It was pin drop silent. Here are the stats:

Started charging at 8:01PM - 1% (yes I live on the edge :p)

Start Charge

Ended charging at 8:44PM - 20%


19% in 43 mins - thats too slow. Now I’m not sure if its meant to be this way or its an issue. Don’t worry, I did remove and re insert a few times to make sure its not loose or anything. Infact, I changed the charging gun as well (the first one simply said Not Charging)

Not Charging

So I don’t think I’d be relying on Vida chargers at the moment. It needs some fixing. It was also free, no notification for payment in the Ather app.


Does that thing on the top look like a CCTV camera?


Yup it is .


So it’s definitely slow charging for Ather scooters

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I am gonna test tomorrow. :upside_down_face:


Yes on internet images I have seen camera placed over there


Thanks for this !

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Cool. Track the charge rate :+1:t2:


Is that animal urine on the bottom dashboard? I have had the same spot on my 450X sometimes. Wonder why they want to mark our Ather as their territory :stuck_out_tongue:

Was considering buying the Frunk, but now I’m concerned :joy:

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This man observes :joy:

Same story with me, some dog marks your Ather then when you go to some other area, dogs from that area see it as a challenge and mark it as their own (retaliation):joy:

It’s a vicious cycle :smiling_face_with_tear: