Charging by connecting to Electric Meter in Housing Society

I am a secretary in a Housing Society in Mu,bai. One member has bought an Ather E Scooter and he has requested permission for charging it on the ground floor, since he lives on a higher floor. We need to also be able to charge him for the use of electricity and so the problem is how to meter his usage? He has asked for permission to take a charging connection from his meter from our meter room. But to do so I believe we need to have the permission of Adani Electricity to pull an extra connection from the same meter, since i believe that Adani Electricity has custody of the electricity meters and a resident cannot simply establish another connection from the meter without Adani Electricity Consent and also Society Consent.

Can you please advise us what the process to do so with Adani Electricity is?

Thank you.


I don’t think you’ll need any permission from the company because it’s not a new connection! Instead of a concealed wiring that goes to the apartment, this goes to the parking lot. It’ll be the same connection. Also you are not tampering with the meter.

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First of all, Thank you for reaching out to this forum!.

To answer your question, any wiring that is taken after the meter is the responsibility of the owner. Adani’s responsibility ends at the meter.

I would only recommend that you insist on the EV owner to use a good electrician and the correct gauge of wire, run it through overhead wire ducts or a regular electrical duct. Ensure that the end socket is covered or locked (to avoid mishaps and unauthorized usage).


AFAIK there are few posts where the photos of connecting the charger from meter. I am not finding the exact post but if someone knows the post please provide that link here. We should not directly take from meter it has to be taken after meter. If the link is provided in that post the exact pictures are available.

And I must appreciate @squidfire for reaching the forum in this regard and good to see some society members supporting EV.

Update: here is the post by @raghav.srinivasan

I stay in a society and to overcome this issue i am using an Extension cord (5 Metres) for now as i stay on the first floor. it is easy for me to drop a wire to the ground floor from my bedrooms window rather than running rounds around the secretaries office to get permissions to pull a wire out of my flats own meter! It is better societies start adopting to EV policies instead of harassing tenants as some day u might end up buying an EV.