Charging at Ather Grid

I faced this frequently so I reported this. They picked the vehicle, flashed the software (my assumption) and after testing they gave back the vehicle. If you are facing this regularly I recommend reporting the issue.

I don’t know what they exactly did because when I asked they said we cannot give service report as it is done under warranty. Although we even don’t give report to nonwarranty vehicles too except the invoice. This is what answer I received. But I don’t want to argue with them knowing their response so I tested it is working fine so didn’t bother about what they resolved.

I should be able to check and report with the team after lockdown. Thank you for the tip.

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There is no QR code scanner in agon sports charger for ather owners we can charge its not a problem but for other ev vehicles how will they charge their vehicle without scanning the QR code

I have also noticed and reported about it once…

But not resolved the issue.

I just noticed that the grid at the only place,church street is missing, any idea what happened to it??