Changing Stock Tyres

@abhishek.balaji can you please suggest us tyre options which will be suitable for ather and which will not make any adverse effects on 450x ? Also, clarify if anything like belt tension adjustment, balancing etc is required after changing tyres…

Yes it is recommended to adjust the belt tension after a tyre change. You can read the below post for more details.


Ather must create a tutorial for belt tensioning without specialists tools and also how to properly remove and refit the tyre. Since more and more veichles are selling and they do not have capacity to serve everyone…



When can I expect the performance Tyre from Ather? Badly needed! Stock Tyre offers poor grip during panic braking

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You can switch to Michelin City Pro 90/90-12 , many users have this upgraded and reported better handling

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Yes, even I changed to Michelin City Pro 90/90-12. Ride quality, confidence and handling has improved over the stock MRFs. I can definitely feel the difference while riding in rains, on wet roads or in gravel. Bike feels much more planted to the road. Need to accelerate slightly more than usual, due to better grip on road.

I got the new tyres for 1400/piece and exchanged old ones for 200/piece (950 kms done).


Ather should ditch the MRF zapper and get Michelin city pro 90/90-12 right from the factory, 1000s of users are reporting stability issues and skidding, as usual, they won’t consider this because of cost factor vs safety factor


Can I do it at any Tyre shop? Does it need any special tools?

You can get it done but do get the wheel alignment and belt adjustment by Ather Service.

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I’d suggest you go to a good tyre shop with good automated equipment. The rear wheel with Disc brakes on one side and the pulley on another side is not the easiest to remove the tyre from. also the manual tyre removal tool (pry bar or whatever it is called) can chip off the black paint off the alloy wheel. So ask the person to put a protector on the pry bar before removing.


Hello fellow Atherians

Changing my 450X stock tyres@ Lokmanya tyres karve road Pune… very good service… changed very carefully on machine…

Rear tyre could not be done on machine because of belt pully attachment… the guy is skilled… used cloth and very carefully changed it manually…

Got tyres removed from ather EC… thanks Gaurav & Kalpesh from Ather EC Then I Carried wheels to lokmanya tyres which is hardly 1.5kms on karve road (mes college) and got it changed…

Put old MRF tyres to my tvs wego.

Michelin pilot street 2

3000/- for both tyres No extra fitting charges…

Review of my first ride after changing tyres

  1. A ride feels very smooth and safe…
  2. Tried braking and didn’t feel any skids… (even on wet roads)
  3. Rolling and smoothness is increased (may be because of new adjusted belt tension after changing tyres) all weird vibration and noises while pickup are gone…

And the best part is… Old MRF tyres from ather are working great on my tvs wego (as wego is heavier, same tyres works without skids)

In short I am very happy with tyres and super happy with B U Bhandari, Pune (EC) service… Thanks Gaurav & Kalpesh from Ather EC for the support.


There is a special tool with the service folk that is used to adjust the tension. That will be needed for precise adjustment…

But for the belt tension adjustment do they do it only on the service schedules or can they do it on an appointment basis like once every two months ?

I think it is not necessary to adjust belt tension too often. The only odd scenario where this has to be done is when there’s something done with the back tyres or it is suspiciously loose on visual inspection.

Meanwhile, it can be done at the SC per appointment if needed. I see most people changing tures at SC because it invites adjusting belt tension.

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