Capshankar's Review of the Ather 450


Mine happened to be the sixth 450 and it was worth the wait. Like to thank Tarun, Swapnil and Team Ather for getting us through delivery process seamlessly .From individual interviews to key handover event/photo op , the team had thought of all the nitty- gritty s, not to mention the well thought of mementos to take home a life time memory. Rode back home through the peak hour traffic in the evening and that’s when could experience the 450’s power and agility to weave through the maze. Truly a world class product! and a memorable experience.

Ather 450 Ownership Reviews

Hello Folks,
Being one of the first owners, here is my take on the 450’s performance. Have had an EV in the four wheeler and two wheeler and mono wheeler segments in the past. This one takes you off your feet any time you ride it. The ride quality is superb not to mention the savings as you never will have to visit the gas station. Mine is charged using solar energy via a grid connected RTPS, so it runs for free. Talking about service, Team Ather is very proficient , a call or a message to them has them coming home to address any issue the same day. I have clocked about 550 km, all in CBD area which is where I use it and absolutely no functional issues. As they say, all good things in life come at a price and time, have patience and you will not regret the wait. Talking of fun , Yes , I am certainly enjoying the attention on the roads which comes at a price- you will be stopped and asked questions to which I take pleasure in answering , my bit to reduce carbon foot print!
Hope this rests the anxiety among the group. Warm Regards , Shankar