Can Ather 450x get hill assist

Recently when I was watching the launch of ola ev, they showcased hill assist feature. If the vehicle is stopped at an inclination, the vehicle was intelligent enough to hold the vehicle in the same position until accelerated. Does that require a hardware change or can it be done in software. Can any one throw a light on this topic.

I feel it’s nice to have feature to PPL who park their flight on an incline. I also do. I have to manage to park it at a point where there is a small stone. If I want to do that with side stand open, the vehicle can’t turn on ( remember safety feature). So I have to manually push and adjust the stand’s landing point.

Hope you got my concern.


I really need this feature.

But I remember someone from ather stating we should not use throttle to keep 450x from rolling backwards. So this feature may not be feasible from current system in 450x/+


It can be done with few conditions met, Motor ON, Scooter on complete stop, and regen on full, it’s just a few software codes that need to be written. This will ensure that the person is not trying to push or pull the scooter and the regen on 100 percent after a complete stop which will force the motor to lock up and as soon as acceleration is given then the Regen can stop and scooter can move


I asked for a simple brake lock, they said no. LOL.


For brake lock u need some hardware changes. But for hill hold assist u need some software changes which I guess it’s possible.


Can be achieved by software as well


I am also like “some important features are missing in Ather”. I think the software developer is very slow - not good. They are taking too much time to develop a good software. I think Ather will start thinking about that. Ola’s upcoming scooters have good features and also some other companies have good facilities in good Price. Ather 450x we have got Bluetooth and 4 speed modes but Ather 450+ does not provide. It’s just software only that controls the scooter but I think the software is not too good. I bought Ather scooter about after 3 years I will return the scooter because I’ll switch to Ola!


Liked your knowledge on this. I don’t know if it’s feasible. May be Ather should hire you.

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OLA has this feature !! Come on Ather Team, you are lagging behind in terms of features


@neetha.a.v We definitely need to voice this urgent requirement. I remember reading that a software upgrade would be enough @acorreya . Hill assist as an additional feature would help many. @abhishek.balaji

Ola has this feature because the motor cuts off when you apply brakes. In such a scenario, a hill hold function is required to prey the vehicle from rolling back when the rider releases the brake and accelerates forward.

On an Ather, there is no such lag between releasing the brake and accelerating forward.

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Wouldn’t my Ather wheels start rolling if i park it on a slope ? :thinking:

Hill hold or Hill Assist is not a feature meant for parking on a slope. It is meant to prevent the vehicle rolling back when stopped on an incline.

What you are asking for is a “Parking Brake” or the next most commonly used feature on 2W - Brake Lock!


How can this be done in Software? Is there a software lock to make the motor not roll?


I believe so.

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I belive there is a non-hill-hold feature though, in an attempt to avoid overloading.

Try accelerating the scooter over a block or stone while the scooter is not actually moving the scooter. It will still in a few seconds.

Hill assist in Ather works with brakes and acceleration in tandem unlike other 2EVs that need one because acceleration cuts off on braking.

BTW e-pluto has a similar features implemented in software, but that is real


It just required accelerometer in our Ather, when Ather get tilted upward it will hold motor so that Ather will not get slide back or front. Or else they just need to put one button on screen i mean to say s/w button that having some code to hold scooter on uplifted road. So that we can manually press it when it required. Also we required future request for battery charged when we press break or when there is no need of acceleration but scooter still run on road when we done with enough acceleration.

Cruise control has already been requested multiple times and denied to AFAIK.

I must confess, I have very limited knowledge of the potential mechanism of hill hold, so please let me know if I am misunderstanding this. But how exactly does a hill assist work?

If it is a software feature that stops the wheel from rotating backwards via supplying a small amount of power to the motor (equivalent to keeping Ather in place with partial acceleration when on an incline), then that is ruled out because it will damage the motor (page 61 of this user manual).

If it is a hardware implementation using brakes, then it needs to be operated using a physical switch for safety and not from a software option on the dash, I guess? Because a software button for brake lock is any day super dangerous - both if it gets triggered accidentally due to a software error when in motion or if it releases when the bike is held in place with such a hill assist and the vehicle starts rolling down the incline.

So my best bet is that there needs to be some hardware change or a physical switch to implement this. Again, I might be mistaken, so would be happy to be corrected on this (after all, I would love to think that hill assist is coming to my scooters someday soon, too! :wink: )


100%, it’s a hardware requirement, I first thought of this,

But later on, I learnt that Regen is hardware locked and needs changes in those circuits to change any settings. I don’t think Ather will ever get a Hill Hold or assist.