Buy Vs Lease Vs Loan


Thanks Ravi for the advise. I applied just today… shall i wait till tomorrow?
If application is rejected, then is it possible to pay @ once?


Then better wait. they are taking two to three days because lot of applications… by chance they reject then you go always full payment… if they approved then deposit payment link will be enable…


Great… thanks a ton bro


How much time it takes to reflect that I’ve made the payment using neft on Ather website?


It took me 24 hrs


It was a Sunday though


For me it took anywhere between 40 mins to 3 hours… It depends on your Bank and NEFT transfer batch


In my HDFC account, I usually get SMS when the NEFT credit completes… Soon after that, I got email from Ather acknowledging the credit.


in case you guys aren’t aware, IMPS is an option too even though it says NEFT on the portal (step 3 mentions IMPS as well). I used it and the payment reflected on Ather’s side instantly.


Same case with me paid at 6pm on a Sunday through imps, reflected instantly, got a confirmation mail from ather immediately.


@Ather.Team just wanted to know if you guys can provide me the proforma invoice. I’m planning on going for a loan with my personal banker


Hey Anagh,

For this you can get in touch with the customer service team. They will be able to help you out with it.


Hi @rajeshkav , In cost of ownership ( this is full payment right ? ) , can you please explain on the interest field here ? because i understand from LEASE and LOAN Perspective but not from cost of Ownership perspective.


When owning you pay 1.2 lacs for which interest needs to be calculated.

When lease, you have to calculate the interest for the down payment made


Let me make this clear. There are three options in buying

  1. upfront buy it by paying in full ( where does interest come into play here ?)
  2. Loan option
  3. Lease option
    I understand in 2 and 3 speaking about “interest” makes things clear but i am confused so as to why you need to add interest when you buy upfront i.e option 1 ?


It’s putting time value for money…the liquid cash you have today has the potential to earn you a 7% interest if you decide to keep it in an FD and spend the same money next year…Hope it helps you… If you go by theory it’s nothing but a way of calculating NPV…Net Present Value…


@prasathvishnu and @georgekuruppan explained the rationality of ‘interest’ well. Hope you are clear.


I made my full payment yesterday. initially when payment window was shown I thought of lease and it showed me max of 65K and about 2.3 monthly for 3 years. when redirected to autovert it was 75 max and so on… (thought its expensive, lease or loan would add even more cost to it) another 50 K more I can completely own it.


I am also trying to decide on Lease vs Buy. I like the flexibility of lease (at cost of course) if things don’t work out. I applied for lease, and it’s under review, but am having second thoughts.

Having said that, I just noticed the Lease plans changed and the lease does not come with Ather One subscription, but with Ather Service. I also noticed that with 75K down payment, the cost for buying out at the end of 3 years has come down to 5K. Does lease still make sense?


For most people the rule is:
If you wont change the vehicle for 5 years, buying outright is good. If you want to change the vehicle after 3 years, then lease is good.